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VIDEO: Olayinka – Misunderstood



I was captivated to the creativity of this artiste. Amazing picture and great voice. Check it out.

Olayinka is an upcoming artist. Nigerian Born but currently based in New York. she describes her music as ‘Afro Soul’. Olayinka is currently working on an EP called ‘Love Phases’ where she hope to share some love stories that showcase the different phases of love. This “Misunderstood Project” is all about the idea of the misunderstood woman, who in her world is the ‘Evolving African Woman’. Olayinka grew up watching a lot of women not having a voice because of many different reasons but the main one being because they did not think anyone else will listen or even understand. What I see in our world now, is the Modern African woman who is opinionated and not afraid to share her opinions and her views. I also see the backlash aspect of things, which would be others hearing what she has to say and feeling intimidated, surprised and confused by this new woman. I acknowledge the positive responses to this new woman as well but I believe this woman does not want to be misunderstood. Video was directed by Gordon S Fischer, Produced by Gary Nero and Seun Keyz, This is actually a song performed originally by Nina Simone, Enjoy!

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