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No Nonsense Album Review: Duncan Mighty – #Certificate



Artiste – Duncan Mighty
Album – The Certificate
Features – Timaya and Double Jay
Producers – Duncan Mighty and Kelly Hansome
Label – Young Wealth Records (2016)
Running Time –


It’s been 2 years since Duncan Mighty released his last album titled “Grace & Talent” which happened to be his least popular album by many standards, he experimented with different sounds and wasn’t well received by fans and music lovers. That said, It is about time for a follow-up album.

The Port Harcourt first son, is known for his unique style of singing, he infuses his cultural sound into hiphop and R&B to make the music we have come to know of him.

The new album released 15th September 2016 is a 19 tracks long album “‘It’s an album with variety of African port-harcourt hits with melodious vibes and lyrics that’s not just sweet when listening to it but also educates, add value to lives and most especially songs to motivate the youth on the streets.”

Let’s get into it…

1 The Certificate

The album opened up with “The Certificate“, it starts with a slow struck of Spanish type guitar interlude. The track is an introduction and nothing to duel open.

2 Mama Born Dem
This is one of the most inspirational tune off the album yet very catchy and easy to bob along to; the ease of delivery of the vocals and beat is top-notch. very brilliant song.

3 Hataz
For those of us that understand Igbo will find this song very funny but yet a party killer tune. The track starts with a very high-pitched shout!!.. which I think wasn’t necessary or I would say wasn’t properly mixed to blend in with the beat. but other than that, its a recommended tune.

4 Tinubu
He sings on how he would like to get Tinubu’s kind of Money but rather spend it like himself or like Manny Papi. He sends positive vibes with the song but not one of my favorite songs as there were excessive repetitions on the song,typical Duncan Mighty song by every standard.

5 Killing Me Softly
Same progression like most Duncan Mighty’s song but you can’t take away his lyrics ability and delivery. Another party stopper song. One that you can’t help but repeat over and over again.

6 Owu (feat. Timaya)
The song starts with what seem like a shot at Wande Coal kinda intro in the Mo’hit era. He was mimicked by a high-pitched voice saying.. “Na who do the beat o” then a reply of “Sharapp” :). I could be over thinking things but trust me, I can’t get over that intro. The intro alone won my heart to the song. Timaya came through on the song being the first featured artiste on the album. they both did remarkable job. Another club banger it is.

7 Kbor 4 Ur Love
This is the next slowest song so far on the album after “The Certificate” which is just an introduction. Kbor 4 Ur Love is an alright track, could be better. I skip this very track always but hey.. it’s still a great track but not for me.

8 Onyinye

From the lyrics to the beat, voicing to the mixing you can’t take that creativity away from Duncan Mighty. He does know how to stick to his lane and rep 100 %. Oyinye is one of my favorite songs on the album. I liked the infusion of John Legends “All Of Me“.

9 All Belongs to You

Duncan Mighty decides to give praises to God for all he has done for him. This is another well rendered songs but honestly, this should have been an intro type kinda song. Wasn’t meant to be called a song.

10 Finish Work

Duncan drops a highlife type song on the album. It reminds me of Jesus Bu Eze off his Fully Loaded 2019 album.  If you know what i am talking about then expect similar kinda flavor from this tune besides the fresh lyrics that was added.

11 Oburukwelem Oma

This is typical Ikebe shoot Katapot remake but slower and  with fresh lyrics. Trust me, you still want to listen to this very song because as always, the lyrics is top-end.

12 Na Lie

Still don’t know where to place this very song, I can’t say if it’s a creative or not.. I would rather say it’s a safe-option song by Duncan Mighty. Nothing really special about this very song. I will leave it here.

13 Port Harcourt Girl

If you loved Port Harcourt Son then you will also equally love this song. Duncan Mighty successfully recreated his 2010 hit Port Harcourt boy in a new tune which is directed to the ladies. Beautiful song

14 Djs Anthem

Just as the name sounds, its a song dedication to most of the top/ known and unknown DJ’s in Nigeria. It’s good to see DJ’s being regarded for all their handwork. I will give him an A for creativity on this tune.

15 N Lov Wif Ma Girli

Another make up song on the album. Nothing too outstanding to talk about with this song. Just an Okay piece

16 Give Him Praise

I see this very song been sang in churches due to the positive message that was shared by Duncan Mighty. It can pass for a gospel song any day. I found the song a bit too noisy though.

17 Kpalele 4 Me (feat. Double Jay)

This is the perfect gyration song, well delivered but their seem to be a lot of inconsistency in the mixing of the song. I think this song can pass for the song with the poorest mix in the album. Double Jay being the second artiste to feature on this body of work did a pretty awesome job. His presence was well felt on the song.

18 Crime Mate

What I love most about the song is the infusion of various known melodies like Usher’s “You Remind Me” song into his style of singing.

19 Janimaaah

Janimaaah is another lovely song off the album, I see this to be one of the top songs off the album, it will definitely be an anthem for the PH boys. 80’s kids will remember the word “Janimaaahit was used in one of those famous Indian movies. Duncan Mighty does what he does best by using the words to make something very melodies, mixed with a carefully produced beat.

In All, this album is more of an inspirational and dance album, an album with loads of positive messages for the young and old. Listening to the album, you can tell that a lot of time and consideration was given to the album. The mixing and mastering of the songs where carefully done.

While I would rate this album way above his last album, I still think the PH first song needs to do more job in promoting this album. Videos like “Hataz” which dropped few weeks ago should not make the airways. Duncan is way above such standard of video. He should put the same level of efforts he puts into making the audio into promoting the album.

RATING..  4.5/5

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  1. Chime

    October 16, 2016 at 20:04

    Fair rating but he needs to work on his videos men

  2. Friend

    October 16, 2016 at 19:44

    Well said, I feel Duncan should shoot video for finish work , kbor 4 ur love, owu, killing me softly, and have it played on trace and mtv

  3. Anonymous

    October 16, 2016 at 19:40

    Well said , I feel finish work , kbor 4 ur love, owu , killing me softly should all have a video and be placed on trace and mtv that’s what Duncan should work towards doing now

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