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BBNaija 2018

Big Brother Naija 2018: Day 5 Rice and Beans Double Wahala ?



Biggie did not come all the way to South Africa for plays. He brought his A game along and made the housemates realise that he doesn’t play. After a few days of drama, conflict, instability, confusion and losses, the #BBN housemates were told to work in doubles to separate a huge bowl of rice and beans.

In Biggie’s voice “It is time for the reward for your awful behaviour during the week.”, he takes a jab at their “love for food” as a ninja brought in a colossal bowl, filled to the brim with rice and beans all mixed together.

Angel and Ifu Ennada walked up to the table to have a glimpse of the bowl. Miracle and Nina who have both made relatively good pairs despite Nina’s remorse earlier in the week. They are cut off shortly when Biggie told them to separate each grain of rice one after the other.

The Housemates were astonished and tried to appease Biggie’s wishes but things only got more intense when Anto was excused from the task as she paid attention to details and got it right all along.

Although everyone kept on doing the Task incorrectly, including Tobi (HOH) eventually everyone performed the task accordingly.

The aim of Biggie’s game was to foster team work by bringing the housemates together and in a way it worked. There were evident moments of bonding between almost everyone, Alex and Leo, Teddy A and BamBam, Anto and Lolu. They could all be seen leaning on each other, laughing and laying on each other’s laps. It was no surprise at all that Khloe was not interested in lightening the mood and kept a frown on her face throughout, she also made no attempt to get closer to K.Brule or any of the Housemates.

It’s a pity that the Housemates have to spend their Friday tackling tiny grains of rice and not celebrating but maybe this will teach them to get in the game and start respecting Biggie’s instructions. Lessons learnt? let’s watch and see.

Later Friday evening, housemates assembled at the arena for #Payporte Arena Games. It seemed a heinous task as the housemates were unable to complete the puzzle timely. However, Bitto broke the jinx and completed the task in 2 minutes 33 seconds and also won a luxury treatment as reward. Nina couldn’t figure out the puzzle as she was timed out.

The rest of the evening had housemates gisting and yabbing each other for their epic fail during the arena games.

The connection between Tobi and Cee-c is increasing as Tobi was caught stroking Cee-c’s hair.

Angel was trying his hands on Ahneeka while Rico swavey tried coaching her on guitar lessons. Could this lead to the birth of another #BBN couple?

Stay logged for more juicy gist from the #BBN house.

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