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5 Things We Learnt About Cardi B’s Visit To Nigeria



It is no longer news the Razzmatazz, glits and glamour that characterized Cardi B’s visit to Nigeria for her concert. We are going to take a look at some of the key points that were witnessed during the prelude and the events proper. The show was an eventful one which saw the likes of Dare art alade’s career being revived after a long time of being sidelined and other interesting things that transpired within the period.

1. Nigerians Are Hospitable To Foreigners.

We saw the kind of reception Cardi B got when she stormed Nigeria, it felt like the president of the U.S, from the receptions from fellow artistes such as Dare Art Alade , Burnaboy, Davido etc to the acceptance by her fans, it was truly warm and interesting. This is a known fact, not only her but any other foreign artiste that comes to Nigeria is treated with the best of reception in the Country even though Cardi’s case is always a total overhaul. Same wasn’t said about Ghana who had poor organization and lack of coordination.

2. Cardi B Is very caring And Down To Earth.

Not many musical artiste gets the kind of love and acceptance Cardi B got during her visit to the country. She is not your everyday artiste, she’s very humble, honest and cheerful. She related with everyone equally. She went to the club, went to the Motherless Homes as well. Unlike most female celebrities who are known to be so arrogant and high handed.


3. Cardi B Succeeded in Keeping both Mercy and Tacha fans at Bay.

The unhealthy competition and rivalry between the most talked about female celebrities on social media in Tacha, mercy got a major stand down for the moment as Cardi’s arrival meant they had to be quiet all through the duration. Girl power hierarchy You would say? LOL

4. Lagos is The Entertainment Capital of Africa.

There is really no competition when it concerns fun and entertainment in the city of Lagos. This year alone we’ve had more A-list artistes headline concerts and each time they arrive their whole idea of the negative news they hear about Nigeria changes immediately they get to the city of Lagos. Other cities Can only play catch up right now.

5. Money isn’t every thing Afterall.

Davido ordered in absentia expensive drinks worth over 7 million naira which Cardi B turned down to get a normal Guinness stout beer. I think Cardi B isn’t after money anymore these days. She just wants to have fun and she had it, I mean enough of it. From the party with strippers to her visit to the motherless homes, and her tour off the city of Lagos, you can see she had more than enough fun during her brief stay in Nigeria.

From what happened in Nigeria ended up getting more fans and lovers from the most populous black Nation afterall.

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