After Burna Boy, Davido And Wizkid, Do You Think Tekno Should Be Rated Next In That Order?


A recent tweet that went viral some times ago seemed to suggest that Tekno is supposed to be a much bigger artiste than he currently is and that he is supposed to be rated alongside the likes of Wizkid, Davido and Burna Boy in that order.

This has got fans with divided opinions. From the myriads of suggestions, a section actually agreed that he deserves to be a bigger artiste.

Another section seem to imply that he could had been bigger but he has some medical condition he is trying to fix that has hindered his huge potentials but that doesn’t seem like much of a excuse as he is still seen as big to a large extent, but how big is he to be rated among our biggest stars?

But come to think of it, Tekno actually has as much hit making abilities as Wizkid but certainly Not Davido and Burna Boy Why? The latters put in so much efforts in quality lyrical delivery but Tekno’s music is a bit too perishable, this happens to be his major pitfall.

Although, the singer has as much fanbase and exposure as the aforementioned names. He is also a marketable brand. He has international collaborations, Endorsements awards and concerts as the Big Three (Burna, Davido, Wizkid).

I think generally, most music fans don’t seem to take Tekno seriously because his style of music is seen to be too commercial and doesn’t do more than just make you dance and after a while it goes into thin air. He waffles a lot with his lyrics. Even most of his lyrics don’t have correlations.

With his songwriting deficiencies, I wonder how he be able to sustain a quality album or EP because his sound is one directional. On the other hand he has the star quality in other aspects like his outlook and being a chicks man, he is likable by many.

His dance skills are what is also keeping him relevant in the industry too, and he knows how to sustain his fans on social media. Before he can be rated among our biggest stars he has to do more than just perishable songs.

Do you think he deserves that Rating regardless?

If you don’t agree drop your comments



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  1. Tekno Miles deserves to be highly regarded as Davido, Wizkid and Burna Boy
    Abeg I even like tekno music pass orders because his songs day go viral well well check pana

  2. Yes I agree I also agree that mayorkun is to be also at the list cause his a very good afrohit songwriter
    His 3years in music he has won awards in those three years he his indeed a great artist


  4. It should be after Wizkid, Burna boy Davido
    Not after burna boy davido then Wizkid
    Cus Wizkid is their boss

  5. I think tekno shoud best among those three, just calm down and hear tekno,burna boy, davido, wizkid you will know that tekno is the best

  6. Teckno s a big star right from time but I don’t know his not recognize about d rated. This time ard, teckno should be rated.

  7. FBI the songs which Tekno has all sang to date, none couldn’t be gone to anywhere with. Tekno can collaborate and sing with even Nicki Minaj; due to his capability. And he beats, mix monster. Listen to his #KATA, a newly released song.

  8. As far as I know, Tekno sings better than Davido. Forget about the number of songs he has released, the fact remains that Tekno sings with direction.

  9. Tekno is really good but he needs to work on himself again and again, as a big star like him who should keep growing, I think he really needs to work on his sound and give us a better sound and good lyrics.
    Nigeria is changing a lot and very fast, many Nigerians now are not into the dance thing again, we want a good song, something really unique we have not heard before. I am a music producer and from all I know about Tekno and music, I somuch believe in him and I also have that feeling that he will rise again to take back his sit in the Nigerian music industry.He has the creativity in him, he is relentless and he is courageous. And I think someone like Kizzdaniel
    and even our sweet and charming Tiwa Savage should also be in the above mentioned class.

  10. Tekno is one of the greatest.I don’t like it wen somebody say thrash about Kiss Daniel.These two guys shd be rated among the best

  11. Techno may not be a concert artiste but he has a stage charm that dwarfs the likes of Davido and Whizkid. .His seductive lyrical flow which you describe as Perishable has an appeal that is more refreshing and danceable each time he comes up. It is the measure of a musical craftsman who stays longer in the studio sweating out in search of beats than on the social media pushing a brand with zest which pertinently is Techno’s weakness. He needs to sell himself hard and for his diligence he can still find the number spot in my heart anyway soon in my Nigerian music catalogue. OKEY O

  12. Techno may not be the concert artiste but he has a stage charm that dwarfs the likes of Davido and Whizz kid. Like his seductive lyrical flow which you questionable described as Perishable Techo has the beat and shows that he sweats more in production than in marketing his brand which I see as the deep shortcoming. In the Arab world and Asia Techno has a compelling music delivery whose appeal cuts across all ages. In sum if Techno sells himself well he can still find the number one spot in my Niigetian song catalogue.

  13. I love Tekno’s music , he’s not there yet…Almost. Just a little Jam or Honey will do the magic. I’ll vote for him though cuz of the effort he’s put in already.

  14. Tekno is a bigger name in Nigeria music industry. He always bring new heat to cover old old once. Till tomorrow that guy is not slowing down.

  15. Tekno is a big star ooh, it just that he has some health issue that is slowing him down. Fast forward to 2016, tekno gave us many hit song back then and he was compared to the likes of Wizkid and davido everybody knows that, During that year tekno was bigger than burna boy, in this music industry everybody has him/her time to shine, the fact that tekno is slowing down right now does not make him a less star. If u do ur statistics well you will check tekno is even better than most of our so called big stars

    • Wizkid is the biggest brand in Africa. The rest of them can fuck off. Grammy nominated. 2x b.e.t winner. 3x Billboard Awards winner. Mobo award winner. He is the most talented afrobeats artist in the world, Just ask Beyonce,drake, and Nicki Minaj that are paying him to write songs for them.

      • Tekno deserve to be best African artist,we forget of firm but reality of music tekno release some reasonable song more than burna boy and Wizkid if you are to careful look at tekno song right from beginning but because of the ilnees he has made him down but we believe that tekno has and will be better than this three people you know


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