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Grow Your Hair Faster With These 10 Simple Tips



Hair Growth Tip

Hair has always been known to be associated with attractiveness and beauty. This is why women take the well being of their hair very seriously and will go to any length to transform their hair from bad to good, and from good to great.

This article, we’d look at the tricks to grow your hair faster and make it thicker and stronger.


Tips For Faster Growth Of Hair

There are three stages of hair growth – anagen, catagen, and telogen. The first stage is the growth stage, and this lasts between 2-6 years. The next stage which is the catagen stage is the transition or hair follicle renewal stage. The final stage is the resting phase called telogen, where the hair stops growing. It takes a year for the human hair to grow up to 6 inches. 

How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster


1. Have A Healthy And Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

Diet consisting of foods like beans, seeds, chicken, vegetables and seeds are perfect sources of nutrition needed for faster hair growth

Hair conditioner and shampoo are important for hair care but they aren’t the only requirements. Since hair is made mostly from protein, a well-balanced meal highly rich in vitamins, minerals and protein is essential for faster hair growth.

Instead of spending money buying different hair care products and neglecting the most important thing – diet, attention should be placed on a healthy and balanced diet. Essential oil and the nutrient requirement for healthy hair growth are present in a balanced diet.


2. Give Your Scalp A Massage

Scalp Massage

Gently massaging your scalp with warm coconut oil with the aid of your fingertips helps in hair growth. It works by stimulating blood circulation and mobilises the oils from the scalp which strengthens the hair root and keeps the hair moist.

This makes the hair grow strong and long. Coconut oil is a rich source of essential nutrient and vitamins and also works as a natural hair conditioner.

3. Trim Your Hair Regularly

Regular Hair Trimming


Get a good stylist that understands your hair, who would trim your hair and remove the spit ends once every three months. Someone trying to grow their hair may see this as counter-intuitive but the truth is that trimming your hair is important for balanced hair growth.

Damaged hair has lots of split ends which causes breakage and thinning which inhibits the healthy growth of hair. Trimming the hair regularly reduces the amount of split hair and makes your hair grow faster.


4. Avoid washing the hair too often

Avoid Washing The Hair Too Often

Try to avoid daily washing of the hair with shampoo. Daily washing of the hair makes the hair dry and causes it to lose its natural essential oils.

These oils move from the scalp to the entire length of each strand and work to maintain the moistness and length of the hair. Instead of washing the hair daily, try doing it 4-5 time a week at the most.

5. Don’t Brush Too Often

Don’t Brush Too Often

Avoid brushing the hair more than 10 times daily Some women believe that brushing their hair would make it healthy and long while others believe that that brushing would make their hair fall off.

The truth is in-between, brushing the hair causes the stimulation of the scalp which releases natural oils and spreads the oils to the entire length of the hair. To avoid hair loss or breakage, brush the hair gently.


6. Try Natural Hair Packs

Try Natural Hair Packs

Natural hair packs are beneficial to the healthy growth of hair. There a number of them to choose from – from olive oil to honey. They help in moisturising your hair, making it silky smooth and stimulates hair growth to its full potential.

The application of natural hair remedies like onion juice and coconut milk help in boosting hair growth and nourishes the hair.

7. Protect Your Hair

Protect Your Hair

Covering your hair anytime you leave your house helps in protecting the hair, especially in harsh weather conditions.

Exposing the hair to dust and heat strips the hair of its moisture. To avoid this, make sure your hair is protected.


8. Condition Regularly

Condition Regularly

Applying a good conditioner, aids in the replacement of protein and lipids inside the hair shaft, and helps the hair grow longer by sealing the cuticles.

It also helps in hydrating hair strands and repair of damaged hair by eliminating the hair’s dullness and frizziness. 

9. Drink Water

Drink Water

Drinking a healthy amount of water goes a long way in the proper functioning of the body by flushing out toxins. Being properly hydrated at all times keeps the hair hydrated. 


10. Disinfect Your Hair

Disinfect Your Hair

Microbes can infect the scalp and weaken hair follicles, damages hair strands which consequently leads to unhealthy and lifeless hair. The microbial infection causes scalp diseases like psoriasis, eczema and seborrheic dermatitis which prevents the healthy growth of hair.

To avoid this infection, regular disinfecting of hair with clinical treatments, antimicrobial products and proper medications cannot be overlooked.


Avoid Doing These

  • Hair Coloring

Hair colours contain chemicals which can damage your hair and make it dry.

  • Hair Treatments

Hair treatments are made up of harsh chemicals that are detrimental to the health of your hair.

  • Brushing/combing Wet Hair

Never comb or brush your hair when it is still wet. Allow it to dry before combing it softly.

  • Using Hot Water

Hot water makes the hair dry and brittle, so you should stop using it. Instead, use cool water.

  • Tight Hairdos 

Making tight hairstyles pulls the hair from the root and stresses it out. It exposes the hair to breakage, weakens and causes permanent damage to the hair.

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