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Oral Sex – Shocking Reasons Why Women Need It



Oral Sex has become popular, more than it has ever been. Research shows that a lot of women now prefer receiving oral sex to all other types of sexual activity.

This is because cunnilingus (giving a woman head) has emerged as a mainstream sexual activity, this reflects a change in sexual behavioural tide.

A survey recently has shown that cunnilingus (giving a woman head) is becoming widely acceptable like fellatio (giving a man head), it is becoming very popular amongst young adults and teenagers especially young women.

The same study showed that women between the ages of 18-25, who had had Sex also had oral sex. Majority of them had oral sex because they enjoyed it.

What kind of ladies enjoy oral sex?

Women who are open to oral sex and enjoy it the most are the ones with good sexual self-esteem. These women have a positive view of their vagina which makes them indulge more in sex and enjoy it more than others.

The reverse is the case for women who have a negative view of their vaginas, they are quite uncomfortable with oral sex (cunnilingus) and derive little or no pleasure from it.

Why women love getting oral?

For most, if not all, oral sex gets the job done. About 70% of women can’t get an orgasm from vagina intercourse, for them, orgasm can only be reached if there is direct stimulation of their clitoris either with the lips, fingers, tongue and even vibrators. From research, only 30% of women can reach climax from just v*gina intercourse.

The major reason for these statistics is the fact that clitoris is the source of all female orgasm. Women who climax from vagina intercourse have their clitoris stimulated from the back and forth movement of the penis and the position chosen. e.g (The grind)

Oral sex is a sure way to bring a woman to climax. Due to its softness and warmness, and because it is naturally lubricated by the saliva which works to avert the burns that come with dry stimulation, the tongue has become a woman’s favourite.

The more aroused a woman becomes from foreplay, the easier it would be to reach her climax. As more blood flows to her genitals, the more turned on she becomes.

Oral sex creates an increased orgasmic opportunity.

For a woman to climax, she needs an ongoing, steady stimulation of her clitoris. The giver shouldn’t rush, he should be patient like a robe. During vagina intercourse, men reach climax very fast due to the stimulation the penis undergoes.


This isn’t the case for women as they need a much longer stimulation and their partner usually don’t last that long.

It takes the right kind of stimulation, undivided focus and lack of distractions – such as the giver’s climax, to bring a woman past the point of no return. The tongue has to work with the hands, and if the tongue tires, the hands or a vibrator can take its place.

Sometimes, a woman doesn’t reach orgasm from oral stimulation, it would take v*gina intercourse to bring her to that point. For this to happen, a position that massages the G-spot must be taken.

As more men are becoming aware of a woman’s sexual responses, especially the fact that clitoral stimulation can single-handedly bring a woman to climax, oral sex is gradually taking centre stage.

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  1. Amaka Esomonu

    February 3, 2021 at 16:09

    Is it good for the women to have oral sex??

  2. Anonymous

    January 20, 2021 at 05:27

    Comment:of course

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