Ruger Needs to Stop The Freestyles, He Needs To Prove His Worth (See Why)


Despite being signed to Jonzing World Records which is basically a Mavin Records, Ruger‘s presence is yet to be felt unlike his counterpart Ayra Starr or predecessors Rema and Crayon. Ruger is yet to prove his worth but yet, he acts like he has arrived with his Eye Patches and many freestyles

Mavin Records being among the top 5 record labels in Africa, the influence and reach is next to known, signing to this record label or a sister label means automatic outreach at least on the rollout stage.

Jonzing World unveiled Ruger on the 18th of January and followed by his official single “One Shirt” two days after featuring Rema and D’Prince. The usual rollout of artistes we’ve seen from this team in the past, is for the artiste to release a single or EP featuring No one, but in the case of Ruger, Rema and D’Prince had to be present on the song and yet the sound has not been felt.

Ayra Starr who was unveiled 2 days after has already proved her worth with the release of her EP “Ayra Starr” which is making waves already.

Ruger on the other hand is yet to show his talent, rather, we see daily freestyle from him, which in my opinion has amounted to nothing because they ain’t special by any means.

We wish Ruger well in his career, but him and his management needs to understand that, new artists are being discovered everyday and Nigerian have a very short lifespan, the clock is ticking and he needs to show he has what it takes to stay relevant in the industry, not through worthless freestyles.

What do you think about Ruger, Are you feeling him – Let’s discuss below 👇👇👇




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