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Davido Is Appreciated More In The East Than In The West (See Reasons Why)



The popular biblical allusion that “A prophet is not regarded in his hometown” is a perfect illustration to the fact that popular International superstar Davido is not appreciated among his own people than outsiders.

The popular heroes welcome, The singer got at the recent ‘Explosive’ money-spraying occasion at Oba further stresses this point. Davido of all artists in Nigeria was the major headliner at the occasion. Even artistes who are core Igbo artistes weren’t even considered. This shows the level of honour they have for him. Obi Cubana had to go to the airport to receive him and his crew members.

A couple of months ago, superstar Nollywood Actor Zubby turned himself into a Hypeman and even present on stage with Davido all through their Easter show at Onitsha. Davido was given a hero’s welcome. The night before the show, the entire city didn’t sleep because of Davido’s arrival. He has been seen hanging around with Davido on social media. You can see the genuine love he has for the singer.

Even his recent EX Chioma is of Igbo descent. Most igbo’s endorsed their union and showed them, genuine love, a countless number of times. He has appeared on songs that were regarded as core Igbo songs such as the song by Umu obiligbo, where he had to use the Igbo dialect for the most part of the song. He even featured on Phyno’s “Ride For You” where he used Igbo all through in his verses. This is something most artistes can’t do and the people appreciate him for this.Most of his friends such as Cubana Chiefpriest, Zubi, Perruzi, Phyno are Easterners. and they show him unalloyed love and support.

Asides Igbos, We all saw the kind of reception Davido got in Port Harcourt sometime in 2017 or 18 when he visited. He was received by the Most powerful governor in the South – Nyesom Woke as a special guest. Even Duncan Mighty, a man above 40 had to prostrate before the singer to show him respect. Anytime he does an event anywhere within these regions, we see the kind of crowd that turns up for the events. We even saw how he gave Ajebo Hustlers their first major hit song.

This is not to say all of his people don’t appreciate him at all but the majority of his most loyal and genuine fans are not even his tribesmen. Recent polls conducted in most cities outside of the South West pointed to “Davido” as their favorite Naija artiste.

The singers receives lots of hate from his own people on social media. If you check on Twitter, most of the negative comments you see are from Westerners. Even some of the artiste in the west see him as competition and don’t show him love. During his birthday and 10th industry anniversary, majority of the well-wishers, came from celebrities of other southern descent.

Recently, we have upcoming celebrities like Bella Shmurda, Poco lee, Bad boy Timz etc showering praises on Wizkid on how generous and supportive he has been to their careers but no one has mentioned the generosity of Davido who practically goes out of his way to help these guys. He even does features for them at no cost. Some of these guys practically lived in his house but they don’t appreciate him that much. Most of the people in his camp show him fake love. The people showing genuine love are not even from his region. Maybe because he is too accessible? The answer is quite obvious.

My advice for Davido is that he should maybe own a house in a part of the South-South or South East and not to waste all of his resources amongst people that will betray him and show him fake love.

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  1. Anonymous

    July 24, 2021 at 11:04

    Anyway, it’s absolutely jealousy and blindness is the only thing I discovered that really eating them up,… But that’s for them.

  2. DJ Sweatho

    July 18, 2021 at 20:22

    Davido is a good man. He’s simply the best

  3. Ola Dennis

    July 18, 2021 at 19:23

    Honestly the main point is, he’s too accessible……But as for me from his region, I love him die……too much love

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