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Teni Releases A Nigerian Version Of ‘Dorime’ [MP3]



Nigerian singer and songwriter, Teni the entertainer has finally granted her fans their wish by releasing her version of the popular 1996 song “Ameno” by E.R.A.

The original song Ameno came back to the limelight in June and social media saw a huge trend of this song, it also became a popular request in clubs and short videos.

Just like many people used the song for different types of videos, Teni also made a short video of herself singing the song in her version and it was received with huge compliments and requests for a proper recording.

Teni has always been known as a great vocalist and this can be heard in the melody of her songs, she also brings a lot of energy and life to whatever song she puts out.

Dorime” by Teni is now out on different platforms and it sounds just as great as everyone expected it to.

Stream and download the song below

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