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5 Tricky Ways To Win An Argument



5 Tricky Ways To Win An Argument

Winning argument is a skill, even if your points are wrong, you can still win an argument if you religiously follow these skills. Here are the easy ways to win an argument.

1. Study Your Opponents

Be aware of their strong and weak points, as well as their views and ideals. You could try appealing to their more noble ideals. You can take advantage of their vulnerabilities by turning their own arguments against them.

2. Focus On Your Strong Points And Ignore The Weak Ones:

If you have three powerful points but also have two points that are less strong, it is probably advisable to just concentrate on the strong points. Convince people of your viewpoints while simultaneously soliciting their support. If you persist in using the weaker arguments, then your opponent will be able to refute them, which will make your case appear to be weaker as a whole.

3. Prepare To School Them:

If you are attempting to disprove a specific fallacy, such as a conspiracy theory or a piece of fake news, you should make sure that your justification provides a narrative that is not only convincing but also coherent, and that it fills in all the blanks that were left in the other person’s comprehension.

4. Focus On The Issue, Don’t Make Personal Attacks

It is best to steer clear of making direct attacks on the lifestyle, integrity, or honesty of your opponent. Take aim at the problem, not the individual.

5. Get Into Their Skin And Provoke Them

You should purposefully try to provoke your opponent. Find out what it is that really riles them up, and then continue to pick at this sore spot until they finally give in and let you win the argument.

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