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Top Interesting Nigeria Series You Should Watch



Top Nigerian Series You Should Watch
Top Nigerian Series You Should Watch

Nollywood is getting bigger and the quality of series have greatly increased, these are the top Nigerian series you should watch.

1 . Far From Home

A coming of age story. Far From Home is a Nigerian series that revolves around an aspiring artist Ishaya, who lands himself in grave danger while pursuing his dream. After receiving a prestigious scholarship that allows him to attend an exclusive school for the top one percent of students, a Ishaya who has been having trouble financially finds himself immersed in the world of luxury.

2. Blood Sisters

Blood Sisters principally follows the narrative of two best friends, Sarah and Kemi, who become fugitives after murdering a man. They find themselves fleeing away from the cops and the vicious family of their victim

3. The Smart Money Woman

The lives of five glitzy millennials are chronicled as they attempt to balance their personal and professional lives, as well as their romantic relationships and friendships. The novel written by Arese Ugwu in 2016 that became an instant bestseller.

4. Shanty Town

A group of courtesans make an effort to flee from the clutches of a notorious kingpin; nevertheless, political corruption and family ties make it difficult for them to achieve their aim of freedom. Nancy Isime, Mercy Eke, Chidi Mokeme and several other stars feature in this series

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