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How To Make Yourself Happy On Valentine’s Day As A Single Person



Valentine is coming and you are single, don’t be worried, here are list you can do to make yourself happy.

1 . Gift yourself something

There must have been something you are willing to buy, now that you are without a lover, won’t it be okay if you get that thing yourself, since no one will buy it for you by the way. Being single doesn’t mean you should not enjoy life right? Of course!

2. Learn How To Cook A Delicacy:

There is a food you probably don’t know how to cook or can’t cook well, use the opportunity of February 14 to go on Youtube and learn how to cook that food. It’s called self love, are we right?

3. Write yourself a love letter:

No one is going to write you a love letter, we all know you are single. Why not use that day to write yourself a love letter and pen down things you love about yourself? We think this is a good idea

4. Watch Action Movie:

Watch an action movie, don’t watch the romantic less you get emotional and start thinking about your single life. Watch an action movie with a lot of bloodshed, an horror movie would suffice.

5. “Love Is Overrated”:

If you are someone that is unrepentantly single, just repeat after us “Love Is Overrated”. Say it without crying.

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