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Loverboy Turns Gangster: Lojay Makes An Audacious Claim On ‘Gangster Romantic’ (Review)



Loverboy Becoming A Gangster: Lojay Made An Audacious Claim On 'Gangster Romantic' (Review)

A Review of Gangster Romantic by Lojay.

Lojay first project LV N ATTN (Love and Attention) exposed us to a young unrepentant lover boy. The 26 years old graduate of University Of Portsmouth worked with the legendary producer Sarz and their sonic collaboration birthed LV N ATTN which was the artiste first offering. The EP talks about love and Lojay pours out his heart in the wildest yet loving manner.

Less than 2 years down the line, Lojay makes a U-turn, a lover boy becomes a gangster. The EP ‘Gangster Romantic’ is where the singer chooses to wear his pain on sleeves.

Beginning the adventure is “YAHWEH’‘ a mid-tempo love tune with powerful percussion reminiscent of Dancehall. In the chorus, the drums are joined by brilliant piano chords, mallet accents, a rumbling bassline, and a peculiar synth melody, this is a song that evokes sexual excitement.

Next is Leader, an audacious and probably alpha-male song. The instrumental has layered guitar riffs, bouncing mallet chords, and rattling Afrobeats drumming, creating a sonically rich and complex piece. Moreover, the song’s subject matter has been greatly expanded, the singer talks about he wants to lead his woman in the bedroom.

MOTO which is actually my favorite is where the singer talk about his cheating partner, the instrumental is smooth, featuring sparse percussion-driven songs, and warm lavish pads. The song perhaps show why Lojay changed his attitude, he sings

“All of my gees say make I move slow
You do me things wey nobody else know know
I know you poison deep in my soul
But I no fi leave you uh leave you alone lone

I been dey use fentanyl
Make I no reason all the evil wey you do me on the low low
Oh my baby we be like oil and water
Olomi but

Canada on other side talks about how women are hypocrite and lover of money over love. The music is funky, featuring shakers, drums, a bass guitar rhythm, and a bouncy synth line that keeps the party going. The remaing song IYD, Availabu and Ova shows the flexibility of Lojay, Ova particularly is an heartbreak song.

Lojay is a star and this EP is arguably the best project released so far this year.

Rating 7.5/10

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