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I Don’t Own A Camera Till Now – TG Omori Reveals



Nigerian music video director TG Omori has revealed that he rents cameras for video shoots and has never bought a camera before.

The popular director divulges this never-heard-before information, that he still rents cameras (despite his current status as one of the biggest video directors in Nigeria), in a podcast talk he featured on recently.

TG Omori, full name ThankGod Omori, in a video from the podcast, which was posted on Twitter on Aug. 14, 2023, also reveals a few things about his begining: He recalls not knowing anything about music video directing when he first went to acting school.

He says acting was his first ambition before discovering there is a career in music video directing, because he used to act and direct stage perfromances in Church and was good at both.

TG Omori is quite infamous for charging artists huge money for a music video. He has often been called out by both artists and netizens for his ‘enormous’ prices. One popular case is Blaqbonez, a popular rapper in Nigeria, who had to direct his own video after being charged ‘too much’ by the director.

It is however shocking when he states that he doesn’t have a camera. According to his statement from the video, there is a rental service that supplies him cameras for his shooting.

The only thing he owns, he says, is a desktop with which he edits videos. But the cameras used are rented out to him.

Watch him speak below:

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