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BBNaija 2022

If You Care For Me, You Won’t Allow Another Girl Sleep On Your Lap – Tolanibaj Tells Neo



The situationship between Tolanibaj is under scrutiny as she accuses Neo of not caring for her after the he allowed Ilebaye sleep on his leg.

The conversation between the two goes thus:

Neo – you tend to dish it out alot tolani.
Tolanibaj – how? After giving out warnings.
Neo – warnings that what.
Tolanibaj – i don’t like being disrespected.
Neo – how is me having a conversation being disrespectful?
Tolanibaj – that was not an innocent conversation, i could give you so many scenarios but i would look childish.
Neo – you sound like i don’t see you mingling with people or doing your own thing.
Tolanibaj – i don’t disrespect you here with other people.
Neo – sharap.
Neo – i felt that, there was an understanding that we had reached.
Tolanibaj – hope you’re not thinking its a relationship i want sha.
Neo – tolani
Tolanibaj – wait answer that question first,the way this conversation is going, you’re acting like i think that.
Neo – no, the fact that we know that we don’t want that but we wanna respect our self.
Tolanibaj – my koko is that, whatever thing you wanna be doing with a babe, don’t do it in my front, thats what I’m saying.
Neo – what the f#ck will i be doing with a babe, are you cr@zy, sometimes you sound like you are cr@zy.
Tolanibaj – i can be cr@zy. When i give someone warnings and you don’t listen, then i gotta start acting up.
Neo – I’m just having a simple conversation.
Tolanibaj – let me even start, we sit down there, we’re being cute, hands on each other’s laps, haha & what not.
I go to the garden for one minute and come back, why is this babe’s head in your lap? And she was holding your hands.
Neo – her head was not on my lap.
Tolanibaj – don’t piss me off.
I just feel a way though, i cried in the arena and you couldn’t put whatever we had aside to come and say oh sorry, that wasn’t nice.
Neo – i felt that we’ve gotten to a point were, no be say we dey relationship or anything but we kinda respect what we have.
After having that conversation, even if someone in lingering around me, it doesn’t change the fact that whatever that person wants to bring to me cannot be compared to two years of friendship that i have with you outside the house, i feel like sometimes you forget that and want to just act on 3 weeks ago.
Neo – Its crazy how you think i don’t respect you enough that you think you have to act cr@zy.
Tolanibaj – you think this is cr@zy? This small shege? You aint seen nothing yet.
both laugh
Tolanibaj – When we got in here, what was our promise to ourselves? You don’t remember?
Neo – that we are going to be there.
Tolanibaj – be eachother comfort people right? Choose eachother no matter what right?
Neo – yeah.

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