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Top 5 Trending Nigerian Movies You Should Watch (2023)



The Nollywood has come a long way and we have seen in wonderful movies released in the year 2023. Here are the top 5 trending Nigerian movies you should watch.

1. The Black Box

A crime triller where a man seeks justice after corrupt policemen kills his only son. The movie take a dig into the corrupt system of the Nigeria Police Force and the dark side of the Nigerian political system.

2. Ijogbon

Ijogbon is a movie by the ace producer and director Kunle Afolayan which takes a long look into the ‘Japa’ syndrome; a situation where every young people wants to exit Nigeria to look for greener pastures in hinterland. It is a thriller movie about 4 young teenagers who found diamonds in the bush and there their problem starts.

3. Blood Vessels

The story revolves around a group of 6 friends attempting to flee the unrest in the Niger delta as stowaways on a ship. This is a movie that will hit Netflix anytime from now.

4. War, Wrath & Vengeance

A spin off the popular sons of The Caliphate, WAR tells the story of a woman who seeks revenge after her husband takes a second wife.

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