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Yhemo Lee Reportedly On The Run As Fight With Lil Frosh Takes New Turn



Yhemo Lee is reportedly on the run as his fight with Lil Frosh takes new turn.

Following their online fight and social media threat, the fight between Yhemo Lee and Lil Frosh takes a new turn. In a video, Yhemo Lee was seen using knife to stab himself. To the surprise of fans, it was reported that a Lagos Big Boy who also double as a cultist, Dosh Lowkeewas arrested by the Interpol.

Ever since the arrest of Dokee, there has been report that Yhemo Lee is responsible for the arrest of Dosh Lowkee and some of the friends of the arrested Lagos big boy are after Yhemo Lee. In a bid to prove his innocence, a report also came out that Yhemo Lee is trying to implicate Lil Frosh.

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