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HITS BATTLE: Wizkid Vs Davido Who Has More Hits?



It has been a busy week as artistes are having hits battle. Lets settle this once and for all, between Wizkid and Davido who has more hits?

This article is not bent on taking sides or given highlights of artistes discography in order not to affect your choices in any way. We at Novice2Star believe the fans has the final say and have the right to vote for their favourites.

Wizkid camp had already listed a whole lot of hit tracks produced by their king just as Davido fans has done. We are not considering their active career years nor their streams per song. Your judgements should be in this format.

1. How Many HIT songs has Wizkid had in his entire career.

2. Are these hit tracks locally heard across the six geolopolitcal zones in the country?

3. Did these hit tracks travel outside the country to some African nations?

4. How many international hits do they have at piece?

5. How many months or years where these hit songs banging?

This well help you vote. Please be honest in your votes so we solve this mystery once and for all.


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Who did you vote for? Pleasee drop comments below to support your votes.

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