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BBNaija 2019

The wailing Tacha got wallowed to meekness



Since the inception of big brother Nija 2019 “Pepper DEM season” Tacha has been known to be the drama queen in the house, lashing her anger and raising her voice at anyone,  picking up duels,  daring other house-mate among other antics. But upon her return from the secret room with Seyi yesterday,  Mike through his welcome back address to them gave her a piece of his mind, showing her what it means to be candid. Telling her everyone feel relived she was gone has she brings bad energy to the house. like every viewer would have expected,  she was all Tacha in her response.

Amazingly, a new Tacha has been reborn, one that is more friendly,  consoling and gentle today.  Now been more of a buddy to Mike the Stan man.

The game is just begging, the tempo getting twisted and the pepper getting more chilly.

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