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Celebrities Who Openly Declared To Doing Liposuction



Some Nigerian female celebrities have done liposuction (Ass/Yansh enlargement) to look super hot and beautiful. We will reveal some of them to you.

1. Blessing Okoro

The popular relationship counsellor on Instagram has also never for once stop to shy away from the fact that she did surgery to have a bigger backside. She is known for showing off the backside at every available opportunity.

2. Mercy Lambo:

Arguably the first celebrity to openly declare that she did liposuction, the Big Brother Naija season 4 winner is proud of what she did.

3. Nengi Hampson

The former beauty queen said that she was not confident about her body and decided to change it because she could. Nengi continued that she does not feel people should be judged for the decisions they make about themselves.

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