Burna Boy Shuns Fans, Vacates Stage With Anger at BAFEST 2019 (SEE REACTIONS)


Burna Boy Shuns Fans, Vacates Stage With Anger (SEE REACTIONS)

According to various comments on Twitter, the African Giant Burna Boy reportedly vacates stage with anger during his performance at BAFEST 2019.

Burna Boy got onstage, obviously ready to perform at the Born In Africa Festival (BAFEST) which was hosted by Access Bank.

However, at some point, there was some technical issues with the sound, and he waited on stage, performed a short freestyle with the audience, then angrily left the stage.

His walking out on the fans raised serious arguments on twitter. Here are some fans reactions.

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  1. something must be wrong with burna boy,burna boy remember one of your music title anybody you say respect is a reciprocal,how can you do this,come down please.thanks

  2. Burna boy have to stop this unnecessary anger he always display every where he goes.. Is not good if he doesn’t change it we affect his career

  3. Burna Boy I like your style and for persons who may not know the hard work you put in ,the music industry is one where you have to keep up with,so before we judge let’s be mindful that while we sleep these artists go non stop.We can let this one go.

  4. Burna Boy should understand that Pride is the recipe for a persons down fall, he should also know that no body is perfect. His managing the situation would have made him a real African Giant!


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