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Rema Said A lot Of Sense In The Song “Woman” If You Are A Good Listener – Full Review



Song Review: Rema - Woman (Dope Or Trash)?

Rema – Woman

Contrary to popular opinion, the song “Woman” by Rema is a complete masterpiece by any standard as the singer made a lot sense on the song.

The song talks about his numerous encounters with women and how he has been trying his best to stay away from controversies despite being a womanizer in this line “Enter the room gimme your phone make dem no go see me for blog”. He is trying to say women who go out with celebrities usually kiss and tell which he is trying to avoid.

He first started by bragging about the number of women in his life and how he doesn’t discrimate their shapes and different skin colours when he sang “I’m in love with plenty women, I no mind marry all of them, E no matter the shape or colour, I go make sure say I must collect”.

As he brags “I too like woman” on the chorus. He also went on to say he searches for woman on social media in the line “Since I dey look ur picture you go soon finish my data” implying that he actually stalks girls he likes on social media.

On the song “woman” he went on to distance himself from rape when he said “Dem many wey i adore, if dem no do, no be by force, plenty dey wey go concur‘ implying that he doesn’t need to force women because he has a lot of them that will consent.

The rapper also infused some of his local benin dialect when he said “IKEBE WAME JAR” which means increase the speed rate of your twerking capacity. The song combines a smooth blend of South African Almapiano vibes and our west African afrobeats sound to deliver an excellent beat.

Although, he has been under criticisms by some fans who claim they didn’t understand some of the things he meant on the song. The “Ozedikus” and altims produced song is obviously another banger.

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