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5 Things We Learnt From D’banj Vs Seyitan’s Rape Allegation



Rape Allegations Against D'Banj Has Been Dropped as Accuser Drops CaseD’Banj & Sy it

The rape allegation case which involved Seyitan vs D’banj has to Be one of the longest and dreadful tussles involving a Nigerian celebrity as he was dragged on social media for over 2 months.

The accuser finally withdrew the rape charges against award winning singer D’banj but these are some of the lessons learnt and observed during the entire back and forth between both parties. These are lessons learnt and concluded from them.

1. Nigerian celebrities Are Fake.

Some Nigerian celebrities were totally disappointing and disgraceful as we expect them to be unbiased with their analysis of critical and sensitive issues such as rape. They indirectly aggravated hate comments and attacks rather than quel the intensity by hearing both sides of the story. Such celebrities included Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Mo Chedda, and Timi Egbuson etc

All they did was directly or indirectly support the accuser(Seyitan) thus fueling her belligerent and toxic supporters and totally neglecting the sides of the accused (D’banj) who is a colleague even without a concrete evidence to prove their points.

This is a true fact to show Nigerian celebrities are not credible and always jump on the badwagon to gain cheap favour and support from social media fans.

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2. Nigerian Feminists Are Bitter and hate successful men.

Immediately the allegations were presented on social media, all these Nigerian feminist jumped on the hate band wagon to destroy D’banj’s image. They are always ready to demonize and rain insults and abuses on men at the slightest of provocations.

They even went as far as writing to brands which D’banj was endorsed to, to cast incessant apersions and obloquy.

Social media commentator and founder End Sars campaign – Segun Awosanya known as SEGA L’éveilleur also accused Kiki modi, a social media journalist and feminist on twitter of sending threats to him and Seyitan as they were using this case to gain a lot of financial favours and hidden agendas with successful celebrities being their targets. They clearly are unhappy she dropped the charges against him.

3. Nigerians on social media are gullible and unnecessarily Emotional.

The gullibity of Nigerians on social media almost cost D’banj all his endorsements and entire legacy. Nigerians on twitter were busy tweeting very insensitive attacks on D’banj destroying his image while the accuser still didn’t provide any reasonable evidence to the court.

Especially when it involves women, Nigerians are always irrational and unnecessarily emotional with their judgments. That’s the same way they believed Cynthia Morgan before his contract papers were exposed online to prove they were all false.

4. Kemi Olunloyo is a true investigative journalist.

While so many so-called twitter journalists and lawyers were dwelling on hearsays and rumours. Kemi Olunloyo was the only source that provided indepth investigations and complete findings. She was the first to investigate the so-called illegal detentions and false informations and bullying of Seyitan which never happened.

5. D’banj Prove his courage and resilience.

The accusation came at a time when there was a widespread campaign against rape. Only very few celebrities can dare take up the issue legally as many are scared of losing fans and their career.

A typical Nigerian celebrity will ignore the accusation and pray the accuser doesn’t raise it up or some might shamelessly try to appease them by sending monies to them for them to lie low just for them to be on the good Sides of the story.

D’banj damned the consequences and filed a lawsuit against his accuser to pay for damages that almost ran into billions and today he won as the charges has been taken down by Seyitan.

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Summarily, we are happy the case has ended but I hope some of these lessons are learnt and people should be rational with issues concerning women even as we totally condemn rape and other injustice against women as so many damages can be done by just a mere allegation that is unproved.

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  1. Femmy Banks

    February 11, 2021 at 17:52

    Yes you are right, how can dbanj raped woman when women are dying to have him. In first place I never believe he did it .

  2. G. I

    July 27, 2020 at 08:31

    The battle is of God.. If really he did it as accused, his punishment is greater now than what an earthly court would decide. Shalom!

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