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5 Must-Have Shoes In Every Man’s Closet



Ever wondered why the shoes are the first thing people notice. There is a saying that goes thus; “A man is judged by his shoes”. This is not far from the truth.

You need to put into consideration the shoe you put on. It has to be impeccable clean and comfortable. Wearing good shoes not only leaves a lasting impression, but it also shows that you put in the effort and take pride in how you look.

When considering shopping for a shoe, the two aspects you should look out for are comfort and style. No matter how classy your outfit looks, the wrong pair of shoes can make you look crappy.

Below is the list of 5 must-have shoes in every man’s closet

1. Black dress shoes.

This shoe is so important I had to put it at number one. They are comfortable, super classy, stylish, and simple.

It is a perfect fit for both casual and formal outfits. You can pair them with denim (jeans), chinos, and suit. Black goes with anything.

When shopping for dress-shoe, especially if you’re looking at getting a pair of dress shoes that you can match with everything, avoid the shiny ones and go for the ones with a matte finish (ones you can polish). it is easier to pair dress-shoes with matte finish with any outfit than the shiny ones.

2. Brown dress shoes

They are the same as the black dress shoes but in brown. They can complement most of your outfits. I suggest when getting a brown dress shoe, avoid getting the same patterned design as the black one. Spice things up a bit.

3. Leather casuals

These are super cool and comfortable. They can be worn without socks and can be paired with both trousers and shorts. They come in two varieties; lace-up and slip-on. 

4. Sneakers 

I am not talking about the sneakers you use for exercising, those you wear to the gym. I’m referring to a pair of casual sneakers that are fashionable and stylish. Something you can put on to walk around town. You can pair them with denim (jeans) and chinos. 

5. Boots

This is something you don’t see on guys always, but they’re very cool and sexy. They’re a perfect fit for casuals. You can pair them with denim (jeans). They come in different lengths. You can easily choose the one that suits your style. Their heel can add few inches to your stature and make you look taller.

These would be perfect for you if you’re height conscious. 

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