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Ladies Here Is How To Dress According To Your Body Type



Dress according to your body type

Dress according to your body type

You went shopping and saw a beautiful dress displayed at a boutique. You paused to take in the sight, you instantly fall in love with the fashion style, it’s just perfect for you. 

You’re already planning the shoe to wear with it, where to wear it to, the bag that would go with it and everything else possible. Thinking you know how to dress for your body type, you walked into the shop to try the dress on, and to your utmost disappointment, the dress looks awful on you.

Does this sound familiar? This is a picture of most shopping experience. The dress looks lovely but its not for your body type. Most ladies are oblivious to these fashion basic. So if you’re tired of your dreams crashing down, this article is written just for you.

Know your body type 

A deep understanding of your body type helps with mapping clothes and modifying it in a way that goes with your style. The whole idea is ensuring that the clothes we choose, sit proportionately and beautifully to elevate our entire style and overall look. Being tall, short, slender or curvy does very little to nothing in determining your body type, the body parts; shoulders, breast, waist, hips etc are what you should focus on.

The five different body types

The Apple body shape

Apple body shape

Apple body shape

If your upper body happens to be heavier in comparison to the lower part, you fall under this category. This apple body shape is usually characterised by broad shoulders and big breast line, that is why the weight appears to gather around the midriff.

Dressing for apple body shape

The midriff appears to be heavier than the other part of the body with a minimal waistline since most of the weight centres above the hips. Taking away the attention from that part of the body and putting your strengths into the spotlight is exactly what you should do. Flaunting your legs or wearing a dress with a V or deep V neckline that creates an illusion of an elongated torso is imperative.

Apple-shaped celebrities

Apple-shaped celebrities

Ideal clothing for an apple-shaped body

Printed dresses, patterned jackets, flow tops, monochrome looks, dark colour and full or 3/4 sleeveless dresses would look perfect on you. To create balance, you should consider flared bottom: palazzos etc. do not forget to wear the right size of bra, since you probably already possess a bigger breastbone and broad shoulders.

Avoid theses clothes for an apple-shaped body

Stay away from figure-hugging dresses. Avoid tops with skinny jeans. Substitute the waist belt with an upper waist belt to bring in balance.

Hourglass body shape

Hourglass body shape

Hourglass body shape

This is the ideal body shape for most if not all women. This is the most balanced of all the body shapes. Its features are a proportionate top and a lower part with a well-defined waistline. This is a body to die for. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, like you own it.

Dressing for the hourglass body shape

This is a well-balanced figure, wear dresses that are well balanced. Dresses should accentuate your curves.

Hourglass-shaped celebrity

Hourglass-shaped celebrity

Ideal clothing for hourglass body shape 

Dresses with V, plunge V and sweetheart necklines can help you flaunt the upper part of the body. Putting a belt at the waistline or beneath the belly button also helps you flaunt your waistline. Hugging dresses would go a long way to boost your looks.

Avoid these clothing for an hourglass shape

Avoid pairing with loose-fitting top or bottom or both. This will kill the look.

Pear Body Shape

Pear body shape

Pear body shape

Here, everything lies in the lower parts of the body. The buttocks and thighs are bigger than the upper part of the body. Kim Kardashian and others have made this body type one to kill for. You can naturally get this body type or you could get it through work out.

Dressing for the Pear Shaped Body

One of the good things about this body type is that you can create an illusion of the hourglass figure if it is correctly styled. Hips are wide and shoulders are narrow, all you need do to make it work is to put on an outfit that brings out your lower body parts.

Pear shaped celebrity

Pear shaped celebrity

Ideal clothing for the pear-shaped body type

Crop tops, V or deep V, skinny jeans with loose tops can help create the illusion of the hourglass shape. A patterned or ruffled top outfit which can accentuate the upper body parts and make it look awesome.

Avoid these clothing for a pear shape

Do not wear loose bottoms and skinny tops.

Rectangular Body Shape

Rectangular body shape

Rectangular body shape

This is the body shape that is well balanced from the shoulders down to the hips. It is straight forward, no much curves.

Dressing for the rectangular body shape

Focus on your arms and legs they are your asset. Whatever you wear, make sure to flaunt them.

Rectangular shaped celebrities

Rectangular shaped celebrities

Ideal clothing for the rectangular body shape

Do not neglect the strapless, sleeveless and sweetheart lines, they are your friends. Capes, blazers and long jackets would look absolutely amazing on you.

Avoid these clothing for a rectangular shape

Dresses that are overarching should be avoided like a plaque.

Inverted triangle body shape

Inverted triangle body shape

Inverted triangle body shape

Of all the body types this is the most athletic body type. Compared to the hips, shoulders are broader. 

Dressing for the inverted triangle body shape

You need to add definition to the hips. Clothing that naturally possesses an inverted V-look is going to suit you perfectly, do not forget straight cut jeans.

Inverted triangle shaped celebrities

Inverted triangle shaped celebrities

Ideal clothing. for inverted triangle body shape

 Pencil cut skirt, skinny jeans go well with whatever top you choose. Try as much as possible to avoid layering or definition of your upper body parts, that’s one thing you do not need. The illusion of narrow shoulder can be created by V-Neck lines.

Avoid these clothes for the inverted triangle body shape

The clothing for the lower part of the body should include ruffles, patterns, layers. Do not take them to the upper body, try and make it minimalistic.

Self-awareness and being informed can take disappointment and frustration from your shopping.

When a dress isn’t fitting as you want it to, you would know why and avoid panic or frustration. When it comes to fashion and style, it isn’t one shoe size fits all.

We all have unique body types, you don’t need to body shame yourself just because clothes don’t fit.


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