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16 Simple Steps To Make Your Ex Regret Leaving You



Make your ex regret

Make your ex regret

Getting your ex to want you back after ending the relationship is a possibility. The heartbreak has taken a lot from you. You feel hurt, extremely emotional, rejected, jilted and abandoned. The good news is you can undo all of these.

Nobody likes a broken heart, yet it has become a normal part of our existence.

Going through heartbreak can be painful. You just can’t believe what’s happening. You want your lover back at all cost. You’ve called and texted a million times but it has all ended in futility.

Here are a few steps in making your ex miss you


1. Don’t Contact Your Ex

No contact

No contact

After a fresh break up it is important you don’t contact your ex. Don’t call or text, this can make you look desperate or needy. Don’t be the cry baby in any way.

Trying to make contact will hamper the healing process.

2. Delete his number forever 

delete his number

delete his number

If you want to ex to regret leaving, this is one thing you should do. Erase his number from your brain first, then from all your devices.

You have to promise yourself not to call, write or contact him in any way. You then have to commit to this promise. Resist the urge to reconnect no matter how strong it is. Your will power has to be engaged here.

During this phase, emotions will submerge logic. It is going to be extremely difficult to give in to logic, winning the battle will take a mountain load of willpower.

You just have to show him that you can stand on your own, you’re strong and you can go solo. Show him that life can be fun without him.


3. Make positive changes in your life

Make positive changes in your life

Make positive changes in your life

See the breakup as a warning sign. Its time to get your act together and take control of your life. Find your purpose and get working at it.

Don’t allow yourself to wallow in depression. Accept it and move on. Losing the companionship of a lover is sad. But you need to look at the bright side of things. Sometimes, to find yourself, some people have to leave your life. 

Always remember that there is a reason your ex is your ex.

Pull together your mental and physical strength to get you through the heartbreak into a much better life.

You could adopt a new dress style, register at a gym, change your hairstyle etc. just look different and better. it’s the little changes that culminate into the big change.

4. Fill your life with loads of fun

Fill your life with loads of fun

Fill your life with loads of fun

One way to do this is by building a new circle of friends that are fun and reliable. You should hang around people that would help you build focus on the things that are important to you. Avoid people that would take you to the past.

One way your ex is going to seriously regret leaving you is seeing the exact opposite of what he expected – being sad and upset about the breakup. This would make him work at getting you back into his life again.



5. Make your ex feel jealous

Make your ex jealous

Make your ex jealous

In doing this you have to carefully work out a strategy that would work out.

Social media is the perfect place to pull this off.

Don’t overdo this. Ensure you’ve got enough recent photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to get your ex to notice you. A couple of photos on a weekly would do the magic. 

The truth is, he’d likely not comment or like any of the photos but they’re going to get his attention.

If you happen to meet him physically, just walk pass him.


6. Leave the communication gap wide open

leave the communication gap open

This move doesn’t necessarily mean you should let him back but it is a way to show there’s still room for him.

If you’re serious about making him miss you, then you’d want to keep the communication gap open. Not too wide but just enough to not shut him out.


7. Ooze Confidence

Ooze Confidence

Ooze Confidence

Well, this isn’t easy to achieve but you just have to make it work especially at times when you run into him. At moments like this, you need to summon your inner confidence.

Even if you don’t have it, pretend if you have to.

Put in your best act ever. Display confidence and show him that you’ve moved on with a big fat smile on your face. Don’t show sadness, show him you’re super happy. Trust me, he’d feel sad for letting you go.


8. Don’t be afraid to post

don't be afraid to post

don’t be afraid to post

Go online and boast of how amazing life has been for you. Brag about your achievements and how happy you are.

Please don’t overdo this, try not to put your happiness in his face. Don’t tag him at all. Anytime you’re looking beautiful or hot in a dress, take a selfie.

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9. Discard bitterness

Discard bitterness

Discard bitterness

Bitterness leads to anger and stress. This can make you pick a fight with your ex. This is one thing you don’t want to be doing if you’re serious about making your ex want you back.

Subtracting bitterness from the equation would make him recall the good times and make him rethink why he left you in the first place.


10. Do your hair

do your hair

do your hair

Believe it or not, getting a new hairstyle facilitates the healing process.

This doesn’t mean you should overhaul your entire look just to make him do a double-take. What I’m saying is do something for you that would put a smile on your face. Something that would make you happy.

Do this right and the odds of him regretting he left you would be high.


11. Get out and have some fun

Go have some fun

Go have some fun

Go out and have a good conversation with anyone you like. Dating or flirting with his friends is out of the question. Ooze happiness and have a good time.

When you show him you can have any man you like, he’s going to realise the fact that he lost an amazing person.



12. Dress to Impress

dress to impress

Dress to impress

Don’t wear the heartbreak like cloth. Make sure you dress fine at all times. Take it upon yourself to look good, just in case you run into him.

If people start talking about how beautiful you look, it would make him think about you.

13. Mind over matter

Mind over matter

Mind over matter

Take your mind off the heartbreak and deliberately choose to be happy. Once you take up happiness, you’re forcing your ex to wonder why he walked away.

Surround yourself with happiness and fun. Treat other people nicely. Be the girl that people would want to be in a relationship with. Your ex is not the source of your joy, you don’t need him to be happy.



14. Use your friends

Use your friends

Use your friends

If you want to make your ex miss you, this is one point you should explore. Reach out to your mutual friends after the breakup.

Do not avoid people close to him because he dumped you. When they see you happy, they are going to pass the information to him.

Trust me he’d want to have you back.

15. Shut the door on invitations

Shut the door on invitations

Shut the door on invitations

Regardless of the kind of invitations, he’s sending you, subtle or serious. Shut all doors to it. Be blind to his invitations.

If he pokes you on Facebook, don’t return the poke. Give him some distance and show him you don’t need him anymore. When he gets the message, he’s going to have a rethink.

16. Forget special days

Forget special days

Forget special days

His birthday or your anniversary, do not acknowledge them. 

You can celebrate his family members but that would depend on how close you are to them. So I’d leave that to you.

You cannot and should not let Merry Christmas and Happy New Year happen for whatever reason. Avoid moments of weakness where you may be compelled to give him a piece of your mind.

Refusal to acknowledge special days would send tons of messages to him that you don’t need him for anything.


There are ton of tips, tricks, expert tactics and steps to make your ex want you back. Before you embark on the mission think it through thoroughly.

No matter your decision or conclusion one thing you should have at the back of your mind is that your ex probably does not deserve you.

Be strong, I wish you good luck on your journey.


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