Here’s What To Do When You Hate Your Job But Can’t Quit

Hate your job but can't quit
Hate your job but can’t quit

You hate Mondays, hate resuming at your workplace, hate your job but you can’t quit. Getting the job wasn’t a walk in the park, it took you a long while and a lot of stress to secure the job can’t stand my job anymore.

Your job is supposed to be a major part of your life and If it’s not the right job, you feel trapped and stuck.

Anytime you air your complaints about your job situation, you get the typical advice; if your job sucks, quit. But You and I know it is not that easy.

Considering the state of the nation, quitting is a luxury you can’t afford. 

So what can you do if you hate your job but can’t quit?

Know you’re not alone

Know you’re not alone
Know you’re not alone

The “my job sucks club” has its members all over the world. This number increases on a daily basis. Searches like, “Does anyone like their job?” “Employees who hate their jobs” “How do I stop hating my job” Have become popular searches on google.

The job you hate right now can be a stepping stone to the one you’d love. One lesson your current job will teach you, it’s to be thankful when you finally get that good job.

Take stock of where you are

Take stock of where you are
Take stock of where you are

Being able to identify the exact things that make you unhappy with your present job, is one thing you should have. Complaining and whining about how terrible your job is shouldn’t be the only thing you should be preoccupied with.

You should be able to pinpoint the problem. Ask yourself: Is it the salary or the working condition? Is it the coworkers or the employer? Is it my position or just me?

Being able to identify what it is you don’t want is the first step in actually getting exactly what you want.

Focusing on how much you hate your job without taking the time to diagnose the cause and proffer a solution is wasting your precious time.

Create a plan

Create a plan
Create a plan

What exactly should I do before leaving a job? This is a frequently asked question 

To answer the question, one thing you should do is strive to put your yourself on a good financial position. The reason why you’re still working that job is money. So before quitting you should gather an amount that can sustain you for a while before you get the job you’d truly love.

How do you achieve this? Here’s how:

1. Budgeting

Budgeting should be your starting point. You should be able to monitor your cash flow on a monthly basis – what goes in and what goes out. Budgeting is a weapon against financial instability. It helps you block all financial leaks. According to John Maxwell: “Budgeting is too telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”

2. Identify and block all leaks in your budget

Those little expenses you overlook add up gradually trickle by trickle and are going to lay waste to your monthly budget. Cancel all expenses that aren’t a necessity. You’d need a lot of discipline to pull this off. It is the sacrifice you need to make to get a better job.

3. Save up a large amount of money for your emergency fund

Having at least 4-7 months of expenses saved up in your bank account for an emergency fund is the general rule of thumb. Even if you’re in debt, more focus should be on your emergency fund while offsetting the debt. 

If you don’t have enough money saved to cover the emergency fund, you’d end up borrowing more money to cover it.


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Select your words wisely

Select your words wisely
Select your words wisely

Even though you hate your job, avoid talking about it in the workplace, not even to your colleagues. Don’t be a part of office gossips. Talking about how the job sucks can filter into the bosses’ ear and cause big trouble for you.

Start a secret job search

Start a secret job search
Start a secret job search

Avoid making your job search public n your social media platforms. If possible make your accounts private, not everyone should know about your job search. 

Clean up your social media account. Studies show that a large per cent of recruiters use the internet to look into potential employees, you wouldn’t want your social media platform to be a hindrance to you getting hat job you like. If you don’t have a website, your LinkedIn profile would be the next best thing. So you have to take your time to set it up.

Reach out to people in your field, the ones you know and the ones you don’t know. This would go a long way in expanding your online presence.

Start gathering the requisite skills 

Start gathering the requisite skills 
Start gathering the requisite skills

Someone once said: “A smart person thinks about the skills they need for their next job” you should put this into consideration while looking for something better.

What areas do you need to build on?

What are your strengths?

The truth is you’ve learnt quite a number of things from that job you hate. You’ve got experience, tolerance, perseverance, and an overall increase in your skillset. Get everything you can get from this. No knowledge is wasted.

Grow your network

Grow your network
Grow your network

Wisdom is quietly building your professional network while still working at that job you hate.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Look out for recommendations especially from friends and acquaintances. This can only be achieved if you tell them you’re looking for something better.
  • Attend professional seminars and conferences.
  • Engage your connections on LinkedIn by asking them about their work.

This can speed up the whole process. The job can come from someone close to you probably an acquaintance.

Don’t underperform in your current job


Do not underperform
Do not underperform

I know your job sucks but don’t use it as an excuse for not putting in your best. If you’re performing below expectation you could be fired before you’re ready to leave.

Losing your job can put you in a financial crisis you’re not ready for, this could truncate all your plans.

Find happiness outside the job

Find happiness outside the job
Find happiness outside the job

Don’t let your job take happiness and fun from your life. This could affect your personal life, not just you, your family could suffer too. Leave the job at the workplace and try to make yourself happy. Enjoy your time with your friends and family.


Why do we stay at jobs we hate? Well the reason is not far fetched 

  1. Money 
  2. Feeling like all jobs are just the same
  3. Fear of starting over
  4. Settling for less

you deserve the very best life has to offer. so don’t settle for less when best is an option.

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