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6 Common Reasons Why Relationships Fail And How To Avoid Them



Reason Why Relationship Fail

Walking out on a relationship is a difficult thing to do, but sometimes there’s just nothing left to what was once a healthy and loving relationship. Trying to figure out why the relationship failed usually isn’t an easy and pleasant experience.

This article discusses 6 reasons why a relationship fails and how it can be avoided.

Reasons why relationships fall apart:

1. Absence of trust

Absence of Trust

When trust is lacking between partners in a relationship, that relationship is bound to fail. The feeling of being untrustworthy isn’t a nice feeling, especially if your partner is playing the detective, trying to find dirt on you.

All of these can be a very uncomfortable experience. It starts feeling less like a relationship and more like jail time, when your partner starts investigating you – regularly going through your phone, checking your bags, pockets or wallet, questioning everything you do or say etc

On the other hand, if your partner is acting shady, giving you reasons not to trust them, the relationship is far from secure.

The need to always check up on your partner to ensure they are staying true to the commitment you both share, shouldn’t be.

All of these would drain off your positive energy, for you to get back your sanity, something needs to change, even if it means moving on.

2. Differing Expectations

Differing Expectations

Having expectations isn’t exclusive to romantic relationships, it is a normal part of living. As a partner in a relationship, you expect your significant other to be faithful, show support in times of need, show respect etc.

When your expectations are mismatched with that of your partner, the relationship can hit the rocks. Infidelity can be a strong reason for partners to part ways, but different expectations is a stronger reason.

Partners in a relationship are supposed to be in sync, but when they start wanting different things, then the future of the relationship is doomed.

Being able to understand your partner’s expectation from the onset is a way to avoid a collapse of the relationship.

3. Communication Problem

Communication Problem

Like many others, you probably are guilty of failing to communicate at some point in the course of your relationship.

The seemingly insignificant things – failing to listen to her why she talks, forgetting to reply to her question, not calling when you should etc. happens occasionally but we tend to overlook them as nothing.

Failing to talk about the things that do matter is one reason why most relationships collapse over time.

If your significant other always wants to go on dates at expensive locations, and you’re prudent in spending, going out on dates can turn into an uncomfortable experience.

Failing to show up on scheduled dates without prior notice, forgetting important dates like birthday and anniversaries can make your significant other feel unwanted and unloved.

If this turns into a regular occurrence, it could cause a lot of friction in the relationship.

None of the aforementioned can be fixed without a proper discussion, this makes communication critical to the success of a relationship.

The inability to communicate your feelings or steps that need to be taken to improve the health of the relationship will inevitably lead to relationship failure.

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4. Anger issues

Most relationships fail because of unchecked anger issues. Nobody wants to be in a relationship with a yelling, screaming and angry person.

You’re much more likely to take out your frustration or anger on your significant other and less likely to communicate, express affection and be understanding when you’re always angry.

Anger issue is one of the trickiest problems in a relationship that needs to be properly dealt with if the relationship is to succeed.

Tackling anger issues in a relationship may require a regular visit to a therapist, finding a partner that makes you happy all the time or breaking free from the stress of life.

Seeing a therapist may not be your best choice but its the best option, because life will always bring you to stress one way or the other, and finding someone that can make you happy all the time is not guaranteed.


5. Not investing enough time

Not investing enough time

Everybody wants to find love and be in an amazing relationship with someone special, even the busiest of persons. It takes an investment of a good amount of time to maintain that kind of a relationship.

If you’re that person that’s always busy at work, never having time to connect with your significant other, you’re both going to gradually drift apart.

Staying in touch and connected is important for the health of a relationship. It is nearly impossible to feel connected to a person who is completely absent – emotionally, physically and mentally.

This isn’t an excuse to shadow your significant other, but if you’re going to prevent a relationship collapse, you need to spend quality time.


6. Money Issues

Money Issues

Differences in handling money can problem in a relationship. This is one of the most frequent reasons why relationships hit the rocks.

If one of the partners in a relationship squanders their money on irrelevant things, but always asks their significant other for money to do things they could have done with their own money, it can result in lots of problems.

If one partner is regularly asked how they spend the money they earned, it can also cause serious issues. Everyone wants to have the right to choose how and when their money should be spent.

If your partner always complains about or try to pry into your choice of spending money, it can result in a strain in the relationship and ultimately cause it to end disastrously.

For a relationship to be successful, it requires maintenance. Your relationship can wax stronger as the day passes if you deal with or avoid these 6 relationship pitfalls.

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  1. Ochamo

    November 18, 2020 at 15:23

    True these things are important . I think another issue is when couples look up to themselves to solve problems instate of involving God who created us . Read Ephesians 4:1
    God bless u

  2. Anonymous

    November 10, 2020 at 23:05


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