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Long-distance relationship

No one plans on being in a long-distance relationship. It’s either your significant other is someone in your locality who moved away or someone you met outside your locality.

Being the other partner in a long-distance relationship can be difficult, tough and frustrating sometimes. Below, I’ve outlined practical steps on how to make your long-distance work.


Does Long-Distance Relationship Really Work?

Like I mentioned earlier, a long-distance relationship is usually not something planned. Your job or hustle can take you far away from your significant other. Your communication becomes restricted to just calls and messages. In moments of loneliness, you can’t hold, kiss, or cuddle with your lover.

Initially, it can be difficult, but with the right attitude, it can work just fine. Contrary to general belief, a long-distance relationship can deepen the bond between lovers. There’s no denying the fact that it comes with its unique problems, but every problem has a solution.

Technology has ensured that relationships in the 21st century are no longer bound by location. People fall in love and go as far as dating someone they’ve not physically met before, all thanks to the internet.

A study showed that couples in a long-distance relationship had a more intimate connection as compared to other couples. This was because they were compelled to break the communication barrier by communicating more clearly and frequently, even though they were restricted to just calls, SMS and video chats.

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work:

1. Keep spending time together

Keep spending time together

Going out on dates, Netflix and chilling, or cooking dinner for your significant other is easy when you both live in the same locality. It’s more difficult to spend some good quality time together when you’re thousands of miles apart or in an entirely different time zone.

In the face of this challenge, you can still make your long-distance relationship work. You have to create the time. Schedule virtual dates, yeah it’s possible. With mobile apps like kast or Rave, you can watch movies and listen to music with your significant other while video chatting at the same time.

For this, to work you both have to see it as something necessary for the health of the relationship.

2. Send love packages

Love package

This works fine, especially if your significant other is away due to work. This goes a long way in showing them you care. Sending gifts is a romantic way to keep in touch with each other and ensure the health of the relationship.

Items like letters, photos and things they’d love and appreciate should be the contents of the love package. A letter is worth more than an email or SMS.

This single act shows that you still remember what they like or what makes them tick. It is going to touch their hearts and ultimately tighten the bonds of the relationship.

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3. Don’t get lost in the relationship

Don’t get lost in the relationship

When the feeling of love is so strong, it is natural to want to spend lots and lots of time with your significant other. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice your entire life on the altar of your relationship. Get a life, get something working for you outside your relationship.

Take up a cause, chase your dreams, achieve your goals and make new friends. Do something outside the relationship, do anything.

You may not want to do all these because you could be relocating to the location of your significant other. But what if things don’t work out as you expected them to? What if it doesn’t happen as quickly as you envisaged? What if you guys part ways?

Investing the time and effort to make your relationship work is commendable but not at the expense of your life. Don’t make that mistake. Fill your life with fun, excitement and passion.

4. Don’t take advantage

Don’t take advantage

Being faithful and honest in a long-distance relationship is an important rule, and it usually is the most difficult part of a relationship.

Cheating comes easy when your partner is thousands of miles away. Cheating doesn’t necessarily mean having sex with someone else. If you’re indulging in behaviours your significant other wouldn’t appreciate if you were together, then you’re cheating.

Being open about things or actions you’re planning to take with your significant other is something you should do. Update them on events in your life. Respect them even in their absence. Don’t do something you know they wouldn’t approve of.

5. Trust them in your absence

Trust them in your absence

Like I mentioned in the previous point, cheating comes easy when your significant other is thousands of miles away. But it is unhealthy to be suspicious of your significant other. Trying to monitor and find evidence of infidelity isn’t going to help the relationship.

One thing you should do before venturing into a long-distance relationship is to trust your significant in your absence.

If you know you can’t, just save yourself the stress and find someone else.


I hope this was helpful, be on the lookout for the second and third part of this article.

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