10 Noticeable Signs Your Partner Is Faithful

Signs Your Partner Is Faithful

Trust is known to be the foundation of a mature and strong relationship. This usually isn’t enough for people with insecurities or a traumatic experience. They’d always suspect their partner of being unfaithful to them even if there is no reason to.

Picturing your partner with someone else can drive you crazy, hence it is better to calm down, relax and evaluate if there’s anything to go crazy about.

It is good to determine your position in your relationship, so we gathered a list of signs or indicators that would tell if your partner is faithful.

1. They are honest with you about everything

They are honest with you about everything

Couples in a mature relationship should be open to sharing any and everything with each other – both the good and the bad. If your partner tells you the truth at all times, it is a sign of loyalty and indicative of the fact that they can confide in you completely.

They don’t have the fear of being judged by you, they see the relationship as being strong enough to trust you with the truth at all times because they feel you both would get through anything together.

2. They show their commitment to the relationship.

They show their commitment to the relationship.

Relationships have their ups and downs, but partners shouldn’t chicken out at the slightest sign of trouble. A partner who is always ready to stick with you in the face of trouble is committed to the relationship and has eyes only for you.

You should be comforted with the knowledge that they’d put in their best to make the relationship work.

3. Their feelings are consistent.

Their feelings are consistent.

If your partner is sure about you, their feelings will be consistent. It doesn’t change all the time either is it at the mercy of mood swings, they’re certain you’re the one.

They’re certain about what they want. For their future, so doubt doesn’t have a place in their hearts.

4. They put in all their effort to make the relationship work.

An effort to make the relationship work

Relationships are usually sweet and beautiful in the beginning. Partners do everything within their power to make things work. But things usually fade gradually as the relationship progresses.

If you notice that the initial enthusiasm hasn’t faded at all even after you’ve dated for a while, it shows that your partner sees you as someone they can spend their future with.

5. They’re emotionally open and real with you

They’re emotionally open and real with you

A partner that shares their worries and insecurity with you, is a partner that wants to remain emotionally connected to you and is eager to give you access into their lives.

An emotionally unavailable partner should be talked to find out the reason for this behaviour instead of trying to create a distance between you two.
6. They aren’t afraid to express physical affection.

If your partner expresses their emotions at every given opportunity, you’re definitely in the right place. The show of physical affection goes a long way in building intimacy and a strong emotional bond between partners.


7. They don’t get jealous.

They don’t get jealous.

Jealousy is usually as a result of insecurities. A partner who doesn’t show signs of jealousy is indicative of trust and a feeling of security.

This is a sign that the relationship is a healthy one.

8. They make you a part of all spheres of their lives.

They make you a part of all spheres of their lives

Having a life separate from your relationship is a natural part of relationships. This notwithstanding, a committed partner will still want to share most, if not all of their experiences with you.

This is one way to tell you that they want to be completely open with you and want nothing hidden from you.

9. They consider your opinion and wishes.

They consider your opinion and wishes

If your partner always respects and considers your wishes and opinion and is willing to effect changes and grow to ensure your happiness and comfort in the relationship, it is a pointer to the fact that you mean the world to him.

10. You’re always on their mind.

You’re always on their mind

Your partner may not be able to be with you at all times due to certain responsibilities, but they always find time even in their busy schedule to let you know they are thinking of you.

A text message, emoji or cute pic is indicative that you’re always on their mind.


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