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6 Common Shaving Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making




Shaving Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making

Shaving seems to be one of the easiest grooming tasks. It doesn’t take much – apply some shaving cream on the area to be shaved, run the razor part of the stick, up or down the area and wash off the hair, and boom! The skin is looking all nice and smooth. 

Although it is an easy task, many people do it hurriedly, instead of using shaving cream, they opt for soap and end up giving themselves cuts, razor burns and ingrown hair. 

Shaving shouldn’t be done hurriedly, it is a task that should be carried out with utmost care.

So, below is a list of shaving mistakes you are probably making every time you shave:

1. Shaving with the wrong razor

Shaving with the wrong razor

When shaving it is advisable to use the right razor. Shaving razors are different for both male and female.

Using a man’s razor is an absolute no-no. there’s a difference between the male and female hair. That’s the reason why the razors are designed differently. The males’ razor is a bit thicker.

2. Not Using The Shaving Cream Or Gel

Shaving Cream Or Gel

Gels and shaving cream protects the skin against irritation. No matter what, avoid using soap in place of shaving cream or gel. Do not also shave dry.

Shaving cream works to keep your skin smooth and prevents the occurrence of razor cuts. In the absence of shaving cream or gel, coconut or olive oil can suffice.

3. Not Cleaning Before You Shave

Not Cleaning Before You Shave

Before every shave, clean your skin with either soap or body wash, this works to prep it up. Taking a nice warm bath helps to open up the hair cuticle making it easier for the razor to glide through.

4. Not Following A Post-Shave Routine

Post-Shave Routine

After each shaving session, you’re supposed to wash and apply lotion or a suitable body oil onto your skin.

This will help to keep your skin moisturised, smooth and free from irritation.

5. Not Exfoliating

Not Exfoliating

Before shaving, try exfoliating because it helps to remove all the dead skin cells and makes the razor smoothly glide through the skin.

Exfoliating also prevents the occurrence of ingrown hair. 

6. You’re Pressing Too Hard

Pressing Too Hard

Pressing the razor too hard to your skin doesn’t make the shaving perfectly clean, rather it predisposes you to pain, razor burns, cuts and bumps.

If you feel the need to press too hard, that’s a sign that the razor needs to be shaved.

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