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Solid Reasons Why Kanye West Should Not Accept To Feature In “Watch The Throne 2” Album With Jay-Z



Kanye West and Jay-Z (Picture: Getty Images)

Recent reports has it that Kanye West and Jay Z are considering Dropping “Watch the throne 2 ” after Kanye’s next album “Donda”.

The second edition of the collaborative rap album between these two hip hop heavyweights doesn’t seem like a good idea at this point due to some solid reasons.

Firstly, the album is coming at a time Kanye West is rounding off his divorce with Kim Kardashian. It now appears that Jay Z is happy with Kanye’s failed marriage because he never supported the marriage and even boycotted the Marriage ceremony.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Besides, Jay z sees Kim Kardashian as an opposition because he’ll have a torrid time manipulating Kanye as he normally does. He frowned at the possibility of Kanye having a woman as powerful as Beyonce. He is used to being the bigger figure and he egoistically wants things to remain that way.

Kim Kardashian and Ye were truly power couples in terms of networth. They were headliners of major social media conversations. Kim was a big figure and instrumental to Kanye’s billionaire status.

Ordinarily, Jay Z is someone who doesn’t associate with people who are strugglers. As at 2015, Kanye West was broke and struggling financially. He never got a helping hand by his friend and mentor Jigga. He was even sidelined and completely ostracized by Jigga, Same way his relationship went sour with former Rocafela owner Damon Dash and rapper Cam’ron during their struggling times.

Jay-Z and Kanye West ( (Picture: Getty Images)

Despite all the sacrifices Kanye made for him and his wife Beyonce. In Sept. 13, 2009, Kanye West rushed the stage after Taylor Swift was awarded best female video at the MTV Video Music Awards for “You Belong With Me.” He infamously told her that he would let her finish, “but Beyonce had the best video of all time”

A dumbfounded and upset-looking Taylor left the stage, only to triumphantly return later in the evening. At the time, backlash against West was quick and severe, with even President Obama calling him “a jackass.”

The same Obama that Jigga was dining with all through that period. He did nothing to quell the tension and was frequently seen visiting Obama as Kanye West ended up amassing mass hatred for that comment over Jigga’s wife. He even traveled overseas to calm the situation.

Kanye was left with so much hatred that he had to resort to self-help and was later affiliated to EX-president Donald Trump. A move that was severely critised by the black community championed by Jay Z. A move which later became a catalyst for Kanye’s business acumen and status.

It is safe to say Jay z was instrumental to the early successes of Kanye West but he has done very little in recent times to act like a true mentor figure to him. Why is Jigga trying to crawl back into Ye’s life after his divorce? This doesn’t look fair at any level. Kanye needs to put Jay Z back into his place as a manipulator and guile merchant and refuse such an affiliation after his resurgence and status.

Unfortunately, Kanye West is known to be an emotional bin bag and barely thinks constructively enough for himself to see an enemy within. We are anticipating his album “Donda” soon.

Article written by @norband_tv

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