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CDQ seeks out Lamba On ‘Vibes and Lifestyle’ – His creativity is undeniable – Album Review



CDQ’s Vibes and Lifestyle album desire and create such a relationship with listeners, who understands the culture and structure of these relateable sounds. He made a regal appearance with gold and silver-plated chains on his neck, the left part of his face invested with gold, also his entire hairdo tinted gold as he was featured on his album cover photo.

He delivered with the right collaboration choices all through the LP, alongside showing off his spontaneous delivery about creating exclusive lamba, which have never crossed the bar but has a way to eventually connect with the revelers this forthcoming festivities.

‘Vibes and Lifestyle’ is a 16-track album drawn from various sonic collections such as Hip-Hop, Afro-Swing, Trap, Afro-pop, and Amapiano, to keep revelers together to bask in the euphoria of hedonism that CDQ offers. Even as he storys himself and leaps for introspection back to his life and journey through ‘Who Is CDQ’, the first track on the album, which connotes who and what he represents as it takes a listener back to his roots from the streets of Lagos.

However, CDQ is deliberate with the project as some records hang on love essence, others desiring to create another dance stint like Zanku and Shaku-shaku as hedonism is required, alongside partying and creating fun moments in between which is what CQD’s fans should expect. It is what his listeners can seat with and vibe.

‘Puff Puff Pass’ and ‘Foseto’ is lamba, and it is worthy enough to introduce another dance pattern West African culture can embrace. Both records are gems. While the street has to sway along the groove, unlike ‘Slow Down’ featuring Cross IV which bears the mark of trap instrumentation, alongside the Hip-Hop influenced bonus track that had dedications to the universe where CDQ declares he is blessed and gives credits to himself for hustling his way to the top. The title of the record is ‘Could Have Been Worse’, and it was fully structured with the elements of hip-hop.

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Meanwhile, the title of the album alone seeks to bring revelers closer and see them through an outlandish expansion, while CDQ still created records to suit a different audience who might find interest out of the street box. Mild records like ‘Bahamas’ feat. Masterkraft and Wetly, ‘Omoka’ feat. Ben Pol and Jaywillz’s effort on ‘Addicted’ alongside Wande Coal, who featured on more tracks on the album, was excellent. ‘Addicted’ is a standout track from the project because it has general listening pleasure, however, CQD’s delivery doesn’t align properly.

Moreover, some tunes are quite relatable and easy to refer them back to a couple of comedy skits where it has been presented before, as it has had a range of people connected with it, mostly the youth folks.

In conclusion, Vibes and Lifestyle desire and create such a relationship with listeners, who understands the culture and structure of these relateable sounds. However, in as much as they love hedonism and a fun lifestyle, one can attest to the super creative factor of CQD’s creation and how he tends to bring West African culture together through Lamba once more.


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