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“It’s Working”, Falz Takes Meek Mill’s Advise About African Nuts



It seems like we are at the brink of another social media trend as Falz the bad guy has tested and proven Meek Mill’s advise that African Kola nut is excellent for digestive ailments and sexual performance in men.

According to the video the rapper made on Instagram, he had been suffering from digestive issues for about four months until he tried Meek Mill’s Advise to eat African kola nuts.

Sometime last month, the American rapper(Meek Mill) took to twitter to share his testimony about how he was given bitter kola on his trip to Africa and it solved his digestive issues.

Falz has also encouraged other people to try it as he believes it would also work wonders for them. The bitter kola challenge is suppose to be carried out by making a video eating bitter kola without frowning.

Over to our Igbo people in the comment section, what other benefits of bitter kola has the world ignored?

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