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10 Ways to Spend Less This Christmas



At this wonderful time, it is easy to lose your head because many stores arrange sales, and all the storefronts look beautiful and fabulous. And resisting the temptation to go and spend a couple of hundred dollars, or somewhere a thousand, is very large. But if you don’t want to spend too much and regret it later, you need to remember that saving is made up of many little things, and only a competent approach to shopping allows you to minimise costs without sacrificing pleasure and mood.

  1. Presents

It is better to make a list of people whom you would like to present a gift in advance, as well as enter the names of goods there. It should be remembered that in most cases, the very fact of attention is important, and not the high cost. Only really close people should give something tangible. In other cases, you can get by with small presents or something symbolic. You don’t have to be a kid to make DIY Christmas gifts. As an adult, you are capable of a lot, so do not bury your talent, but rather use it for a good cause.

  1. Entertainment for the holidays

When Christmas Eve comes, we think about how to spend December, what to do in early January. In addition to the Christmas feast, we usually plan visits to the skating rink, shopping centres, various cafés, restaurants, etc. Having fun is great. However, it is better to soberly estimate in advance and roughly calculate how much this or that leisure will cost. Then you should slightly criticize your plans, discarding anything superfluous.

  1. Moderate table

Luxurious feasts are probably in the blood of all Western people. Of course, this has its own romance, but there are much more disadvantages. Firstly, overeating is very harmful, and secondly, a lot of purchases at the table = a lot of spending, and not at all necessary. Therefore, you need to cook deliciously, but in moderation, so that the whole family does not have to eat it later for a week.

  1. Online shopping

The same as with forex trading, it is better to make Christmas purchases via the Internet, for some reasons. First, there are more FXTM Withdrawal Fees and fewer temptations from unnecessary spending. The biggest challenge in shopping is buying items that sparkle momentary joy. But usually, after a short period, they cease to be interesting and even cause chagrin from the fact that hard-earned money was spent on this trinket.

According to Forextime, online shopping can be more profitable. Often, online stores arrange promotions, offer coupons, promotional codes and other opportunities to buy gifts at a lower price.

  1. Price comparison

For us, the Christmas holidays are an opportunity to please ourselves and our loved ones, and for stores and their owners, it is a way to raise the level of sales. In some areas, these days allow you to work comfortably for months later without worrying about profits. Therefore, of course, by Christmas, prices always rise, and in order not to get on the markup, it is better to use aggregator sites and applications, which will allow you to compare prices and buy goods where they are sold cheaper.

  1. Planning in advance

The closer the Christmas is, the higher the prices. Therefore, it is better not to postpone renewing your wardrobe and buying gifts until the last moment. Shopping on the Christmas weekend is an overwhelming expense, and besides, you will have to participate in a real crush in almost all stores. It is better to buy everything in advance, and these days are more pleasant to spend walking and watching movies.

  1. Christmas is a family holiday

This is the main rule to keep in mind. If you want to celebrate in a café or restaurant, then, of course, you can immediately forget about saving. Therefore, it is better to celebrate at home or visit relatives and close people.

  1. Cook yourself

Everything here is primitive and simple. No cafés and food delivery services will provide an opportunity to save money, especially for Christmas. Therefore, you should cook on your own, together with someone who comes on your holiday. The coolest way to reduce costs is to create a chat on messenger in advance and discuss the menu.

It is necessary to decide who exactly will come, for how many people to cook, what dishes will be. Well, of course, when drawing up a shopping list, you need to think about where you can buy groceries in Nigeria inexpensively (every supermarket arranges its own promotions, this is worth using).

  1. Choose packaging

It should not be given special importance. Yet the main element is the gift itself. A good way to save money is to buy wrapping paper and wrap everything yourself. A cheaper option is to use materials at hand (for instance, newspapers, craft paper, scourge, satin ribbons). Perhaps, there were some packages left at home from the last Christmas holidays.

  1. Renewing the wardrobe

Buying an expensive dress on Christmas Eve is the wrong approach. It is better to think in advance about what you want to wear for the holiday. You may need to renew only part of your wardrobe (for instance, there will be a suitable skirt or blouse). Some things can be bought in inexpensive stores (including online), something can be borrowed altogether, and there is nothing wrong with that. Because usually, things from Christmas outfits after the holiday are sent to the closet and are safely lost there.

By Okechukwu Chukwuebuka

Co-Founder of 360NaijaHits

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