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Read How This Lady Rescued A 13 Year Old From Suspected Kidnappers



A twitter user recounted her experience with a 13 year old whom she met in a bus in Lagos. The young girl seemed to be looking for directions to the location of a blind date before the timely intervention of this kind stranger.

According to the lady’s account, the girl asked her where Olusosun was and she told her, however she got tipped off when the teenager answered her phone and said she would be at the “Cinema” soon.

She knew there was no cinema around that area so she engaged the young girl who initially hesitated in disclosing information about who she was going meet. However after some tactical approach, the girl opened up.

She then shared her personal experience with her and told her it was a red flag that her parents weren’t aware of where she was going to and whom she was going to meet.

The festive period is very close and people with mischiveous intentions are on the watch for unsuspecting victims. It’s important we look out for people around us even if they’re strangers.





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