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“Buying Twitter Is A Misplaced Priority” – Nigerian Man Scolds Elon Musk, Lectures Him On Money Management



Daniel Regha, Elon Musk, Twitter

A Nigerian man on Twitter scolds world’s richest man Elon Musk over his recent acquisition of Twitter.

The Nigerian man whose name is Daniel Regha on Twitter thinks Musk’s buying Twitter is a waste of money.

According to him, Musk should have diversed the money he spent on acquiring Twitter to solving global problems, like hunger, unemployment, and climate change.

He further states that Musk has been misusing his wealth.

His post reads: ‘Elon Musk u buying Twitter is actually a m!splaced priority cos the world has more pressing issues at hand like World Hunger, unemployment, climate change etc. The $44 billion would’ve gone a long way if used in solving some of these global challenges; U are m!susing ur wealth’.

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