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Less Content, More Rhythm – “Love, Damini” Album Review



Burna Boy is a household name as far as music is concerned not only in Nigeria but as we speak, in the entire globe. This time he decided to take us on a journey different from what he normally takes us i.e Love, which is not a routine concept associated with the singer.

He embarked on giving us very melodic Rhythms as against his usual conscious and calculated lyrics which makes him a stand-out musical artiste/performer and a Grammy award winner.

The body of work has given us a tip of what to expect in the single “last last” which samples Toni Braxton’s hit “Man enough for me” and gives the imagery of his escapism from his “swinging” feelings from his alleged heartbreak with Stefflon Don and other issues by indulging in his nocturnal habits “Igbo” and “Shayo”. it gave us a sneak peek of what to expect from the songs off the album.

However, going deeper into some of the songs, clearly showed a conflict between the theme and the tracklist as most of it is highly replete with mid-tempo dance songs such as Vanilla, Science, Rollercoaster, Jagele, It’s plenty, Different Size, kilometer (single).

This goes at Variance with the idea of Love and the story of Damini that was actually intended. Most of the themes of the aforementioned songs are either an obsession with a woman’s butt or a feel-good bouncy song that has a catchy hook and nothing really special but very melodic and exciting vibes.

However, he stayed more conscious with Khalid on Wild Dreams, he took a step further with “Whiskey” a song about the pollution in his state of origin ” Rivers State”, what is a Burna boy album without addressing some of the ills of society? this perfectly defines the Damini story.

Furthermore, “How could it be” goes in on the challenges in decision-making as an antidote of hope to those going through struggles. “Glory” is the sequel to “Real Life” a song off the “Twice as Tall” – a relatable ballad by every standard.

Hold you for my hand” the duet with Ed Sheeran is a masterstroke collaboration that captures the thematic foci, quotable lyrics such as “I wanna be in your life till the night is over” clearly express love.

When I saw the Collaboration with Blxst and Kehlani, it got me excited, who wouldn’t? because the mention of these elicits nostalgia and the Sonerant vocal strength of Blxst and Kehlani is enough to bless a song, Melody-wise, and off course, it’s gonna be feel good and romantic. it didn’t miss that.

Another notable song ” Common Person” is one of the most beautiful songs off the album. It weighs in on the everyday life of the hoi Poloi’s. Other songs off the album include “Dirty Secrets”, Toni-ann-Singh” alongside Raggae-fusion heavyweight, Popcaan.

Regardless of it’s critique, the album is a beautiful compendium of tracks and is already topping charts on Itunes as we speak but going by his own standard exemplified on “Twice as tall”, “Outside” and not forgetting “African Giant”, it is safe to say “Love, Damini” is a tier down his aristocracy of musical catalogs or simply put, the album is more of the “African Giant” due to its appeal but less in conscious quality and artistry like Twice as Tall and the magnum opus “Outside” album.

This is not to say that it doesn’t stand a chance at Awards and charts but any musical connoisseur should be able to contest the veracity of its authenticity and quality.

By:@ norband bayl on IG

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  1. Sweatho

    July 13, 2022 at 12:33

    I listened to the full album twice. Here’s my rating: 5 / 10

  2. Anonymous

    July 12, 2022 at 23:33


  3. Lenoxito

    July 12, 2022 at 17:31

    Absolutely nothing special about this album. Burna’s pen game has dwindled beyond recognition in recent times. 6/10 album at best

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