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It’s Better To Marry A Non-Virgin – OAP Nedu Advises Men



Nigerian on-air personality, Chinedu Ani Emmanuel, also known as Nedu, has revealed that it’s better to marry a non-virgin.

He made this known on his recent podcast ‘The Honest Bunch’ on Monday, where he explained why it’s better to marry a girl who is not a virgin.

According to Nedu, non-virgins make better decisions, while the majority of virgins are not competent decision-makers.

Nedu also said if he wants to get married, he won’t marry a virgin.

He said, ‘If I want to marry, I would not get married to someone who’s a virgin and I will tell you why. I think girls that are not virgins tends to make better decisions, those girls that are virgins, they believe, oh this is my pride, my virginity is my pride, it’s my value, I’m a 30 Year Old and I’m a virgin and I kept it to myself’.

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