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Girls Only Care About Money Not Love – Diamond Platnumz



Ladies Only Care About Money Not Love - Diamond Platnumz

Diamond Platinumz slams ladies, says they only care about money in relationship and not love.

Diamond Platnumz recently posted this mysterious message on social media regarding women and money.

In a post uploaded on his Instagram account, Diamond Platnumz said that women are only drawn to a man’s wealth and that they will reveal their true nature once the man runs into financial difficulties.

He claims that girls are just concerned with their money gain and do not value true love, loyalty, and emotional connection in partnerships. He wrote:

“Once you are Rich, Every girl will want Money from you and not your stupid Real Love…Do million things to her then get a little financial problem and delay to provide one of the things that she is obsessed with, then you will see her Tiwue Color! #Girls , Ndugu zangu Tutafteni ela! “

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