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Mercy Chinwo Charges 10 Million Naira To Lead Worship In Church – Father Oluoma



Mercy Chinwo Charges 10 Million Naira To Lead Worship In Church

Father Oluoma berates gospel musicians, says Church has been turned to a place of entertainment as he reveals Mercy Chinwo charges 10 Million naira to lead worship in church.

Rev. Fr. Oluoma, a pastor from Nigeria, claims that churches have turned worship into entertainment. The clergyman stated this in a recent sermon in his church.

Fr. Oluoma stated during the sermon that gospel musicians get paid millions merely to deliver a 10-minute worship service in churches. He explained that Mercy Chinwo, a well-known Nigerian gospel singer, might demand up to N10 million to sing in churches.

“We have made religious worship expensive. If I have to bring Mercy Chinwo here to sing, how much will I have to pay? How much do you think she will charge? 10 million naira. Then I will have to collect the money from church members to pay her.

These are the tragedies we have brought into the church. An artist will come to the church to minister for 10 million or 5 million, and that’s too much. I’m not against paying her; you must pay her because you invited her.” He said.

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  1. Anonymous

    June 9, 2023 at 09:57

    You are getting it wrong.
    He is not against Mercy charging anyone. He is encouraging us all to believe in whoever sings.
    If you bring Mercy, you have to pay her. If you don’t have the money to pay her, instead of disturbing worshippers for money, just do with what you have

  2. Kefas skyf

    June 8, 2023 at 16:19

    Nothing is too much to ask from a Gospel artist..

    This is just a one way thing if you can’t afford her go for someone you can afford instead of bringing it to social media… We said to be a Christian is free but you have to buy Bible… have you wonder why? Because they need to buy material to make the Bible… And remember Mercy was once a church girl that sing for free back in the day and she work hard to get here then why would someone feel she is expensive? If you want to eat shawarma but u can’t afford it please buy bread and akara and help yourself instead of wanting shawarma to be ship simple.. stop making your brookness makes us feel that you are right…


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