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Checkout State Of The Dilapidated Building Dagrin’s Mother Is Staying (Video)



A viral video showing the shabby building where late Nigerian rapper, Dagrin’s mother lives, has sparked concern among Nigerians on social media.

The video, which revealed the shabby building where Dagrin’s mother currently resides, surfaced shortly after she cried out online regarding her current living situation.

She claimed during a live session on TikTok that she has been surviving by selling food ever since her son’s terrible death and that she lives in appalling conditions. Watch this

Following that, another video of the house where the old woman lives appeared online, further raising Nigerians’ concerns. Behind the camera, a person is seen touring the home and pointing out the ugly exterior, the broken windows, and other noteworthy details.

The video also included snippets of the old house’s interior and displayed some of the honors Dagrin had won before his tragic passing in 2010—among them, The Headies Award.

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