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I Dropped Out Of School In My Final Year Because Of Cultists – Oxlade




Nigerian artist Oxlade has disclosed that he couldn’t finish University education because cultists were tormenting him to join their society.

The singer said he ran away from the Lagos State University (LASU) when he was in his final year, so as not to join cultism.

‘During my university days, I was always in the church reading Bible and books. Then I dropped out in my final year. I’ve never said this before. I dropped out when some boys were trying to make me join gang,’ said Oxlade in an interview on the Tea with Tay Podcast.

Oxlade then continued his story by recounting an unfortunate incident about when the gang trying to initiate him stormed his hostel.

Fortunately for the singer, he had traveled to Ibadan upon his Grandma’s request. But his friends were beaten to a pulp, with fatal injuries on them.

He narrated: ‘One day, my grandma called me asking where I was. I said I was on campus and she said I should start coming to our family home in Ibadan. I went to Ibadan. That day, those boys almost killed my roommates.

‘I don’t know how my grandma knew, she just told me to come to Ibadan, that I shouldn’t go and pack anything from the hostel, so I was there for a week. So the next few days my roommates said that they came to beat the shit out of them because of me.

‘That’s why I appreciate my grandma’s importance in my life. Forget all these things say we dey whyne, God dey, truly, there’s God. And I’m saying this with my full chest, God has saved me countless times. That’s why I could come back twice as tall, just as Burna Boy called it.’

Watch him speak below:

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