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Oladips Personal Assistant Breaks Silence, Says The Rapper Was Not Alive For 3 Days



Oladips Personal Assistant, Abdulrasheed says Oladips was not alive for 3 days.

To the amazement of so many, rapper, Oladips who was announced dead on November 14 later came back to social media to debunk his death claim. This angered so many fans who believe the rapper was chasing clout. Responding to the press, his manager Abdrasheed claimed:

, “I’m not sure how to put it. The manager, who has access to Oladips’ page, misinterpreted it. Until he started breathing again on the third day, we all believed he had passed away. The manager told the narrative by that point.

“He was with his family for the three days,” he said, “even though I could not reach him until the third day.”

“You are speaking with the right person in the label,” he replied, adding that the social media manager who wrote the post was fired. Mr Abdulrasheed says Oladips will speak with everyone about the matter when he is finally in the right state of mind.

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