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Between Ric Hassani And Johnny Drille, Who Is The Best Love Singer?



It’s Friday guys! It is the time of the week when lovers meet and married people get to spend more time with their families. And we know that of the best way to find a way to another person’s heart is through words – especially through music. Johnny Drille and Ric Hassani are unarguably one of the best love singers in the country.

Johnny Drille’s voice texture when singing about love is unimaginable, the way he carves lovely words together, and talks about the beauty of love and the importance of love in a man’s life will make even the hardest man on earth fall in love. Songs like Halleluyah, Finding Efe, Romeo and Juliet puts Johnny Drille in another class.

Ric Hassani also has proven over and over again the good wordsmith that he is. His mild tempo yet harmonious voice also sets him apart. Not only is he handsome, he is also a master at his craft. Songs like My Love, Only You, I Love You, Beautiful To Me, and several others, Ric is a very love songwriter.

Who would you be listening to this weekend guys?

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