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Cubana Chief Priest Replies Boy Who Claims To Be His Son



Cubana Chief priest has replied to a boy who claimed to be his son by sending an emoji.

Nigerian socialite Pascal Okechukwu Chibuike, also known as Cubana Chief priest, reacted to a request for help from a young guy who identified himself as his son.

Recently, a video of a 19-year-old man named Emelin making the allegation that Cubana Chiefpriest is his father went viral online.

According to the boy, he noted people have been telling him that he looks like the socialite, he claims that he is convinced that he might be the Chiefpriest’s son.

He claimed that because of their strong similarities, he plans to get a DNA test done because his mother doesn’t seem to be speaking the truth about who his father is.He pleaded with the Cubana Chiefpriest to rescue him and end his suffering. The socialite responded with a smiley emoji.

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