Nigerian Artistes With The Most Loyal Fan Base


Some fans are more loyal and crazy than others when it comes to famzing. Today we will take a look at the Nigerian artistes with the strongest fan base ever in the world.

In no particular order – Enjoy this article.

Naira Marley

Naira Marley basically blew up this year 2019. He was previously in the United Kingdom where he did rap music but was never successful up till he moved back to Nigeria and began his music career that things started to move – Naira Marley’s approach was similar to Olamide’s but i guess a bit more energetic and carefree.

The love for him grew above target after his arrest by EFCC alongside colleague Zlatan. Despite the kind of message his music carries, the whole ass grabbing thing; Naira Marley is still well loved by the Nigerian population especially of the Yoruba’s. His fans are called Marlians and they are everywhere including starboy who recently converted to a Marlian , so mind what you say in public


His fans are called Wizkid FC – Literary, in the eyes of Wizkid’s fans he can do no wrong – they are ready to retweet, trend, share and defend every actions of Wizkid whether right or wrong – He is one artiste you don’t want to drag in the public as Wizkid FC’s are ready to swing in at anytime


Zlatan Ibile shares similar fans base with the likes of Naira Marley and Olamide – His fans also will defend him but most will probably not be willing to put their reputation on the line for him as Wizkid fans would.


Olamide on the other hand has grown his fans base over the years – they are made up of mainly the streets and the average listeners. The love for Olamide I will say has reduced drastically since the inception of the likes of Naira Marley, Zlatan and Mr Real. Olamide’s fans has been splitted although he still has his day one fans who will always support him in his Pawon quests

Davidotop dressed male musicians in Nigeria 2019

Davido aka OBO has a one of the biggest fans base both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria – His core fans will be willing to go the extra miles for him when he calls. They watch, comment and defend him when the time is right but don’t be deceived as he also has a lot haters who are ready to drag him to the ground  – both celebrity and non-celebrity.

Tiwa Savage

Mama jam jam is one of the most loved female artistes in Nigeria – Her fans are dedicated and also swings in to defend her when the need arises – They are also ready to criticise her if she does something worth it.

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  1. Why didn’t you say the same thing you said about davido to the other artists he’s not the only one criticized and wizkid and naira marley have fans in and out of Africa..please this article is sounding to bias


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