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How To Succeed In Nigerian Music Industry In 2020 As An Upcoming Artiste (Part 1)



Novice2star TV premiers a new segment tagged “Understanding Music Business” as Somoni and Dat Kulgee join hands to share tips that upcoming artistes need to succeed in the Nigerian music industry in 2020.

On Understanding Music Business Part 1 – Dat Kulgee gives upcoming artiste tips on how to succeed in this competitive Nigerian music industry.

There are a lot key steps or adjustments upcoming artistes need to make in order to excel in this competitive industry of ours. These steps are simple, defined and practical. They involve advancements in creativity, business mastery and have a lot to do with improvements in promotional strategies. But first, upcoming artistes need to understand their products. Thus i think the first step in career development for artistes is ability to KNOW THEIR PRODUCT.”


This is the first edition, part 2 drops next week.

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