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Facts With Kulgee: 3 Ways To Hunt For Shows Without A Manager



Here is a new music business insight – Facts With Kulgee: 3 Ways To Hunt For Shows Without A Manager

The beautiful thing that could happen to any businessman/woman is to have an audience or customers of his/her own who are willing to patronize his brand or products at all costs. Building a relationship with your fans that could generate revenue as an up-and-coming artist is needed to ensure you map out and retain your space in the already flooded music industry. A talent agent goes about seeking or making contacts that will be willing to let his/her act show off his wonderful talents at gigs, tours, events, etc.

A manager ensures his client’s career is progressive and thus hunts for events or shows that could further push his/her client to the limelight. As a music business consultant, I have met clients who can’t afford my services as a talent manager but will love to know how they could hunt shows for themselves and by themselves.

This article is meant to give you FREE insights on how to go about hunting for shows just in case you are yet to have a manager. I must state that show hunting will be easier for a professional talent manager than for the artist himself. Here’s how to hunt for shows even without a manager.


Have you ever wondered why global and reputable brands like pepsi, VISA, fayrouz keep promoting their brands on a daily basis? Do you think you buy a bottle of pepsi for its taste or for its brand it has sold to you over time? Come to think of it, if I stop you on the road offering you a product you haven’t heard or seen before to purchase it, will you? Won’t you expect i run through the producers and use or benefits of my product? This is equally applicable in the music scene. Nobody downloads, streams, or purchases a song online without knowing or hearing about the acts. Thus to get yourself booked up for events, you need to massively sell your brand to the organizers by packaging and promoting your quality sounds to them.


There is a popular saying that you need to join them if you fail to beat them. This is equally a tool to be deployed here. Once you have contributed a quota to the event, you remain a shareholder. You could help in promotions, designing flyers, selling tickets, or better still investing some cash to support the event. This way, you’ll definitely have a chance to perform your contents on stage.


Over time, I have repeatedly stated that “the music industry is built on a blockchain called friendship”. Thus, the more contacts and friends you make the more chances you have. Connection is what fuels the music industry. Connecting to all folks irrespective of their network or net worth will go a long way to put you places you never imagined you could get on. You never would know who will get the right connections before the next second. Thus relate will everyone in the music space with all the respect you could give as if they have the key to your destiny. The more contacts or connections you acquire, the more chance of performing in all events around you.

Facts With Kulgee was written by DAT KULGEE, a music business consultant, talent manager, PR strategist, and record label A&R.

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